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Bladder neck sclerosis

I am 35. On last week I had a bladder stone removed. This already happened 5 years ago.
This time they diagnosed me a Bladder Neck Sclerosis and suggested me to try Alpha Blockers and should they not work after the follow up - in 6 weeks, they reccomend a chirurgical operation.

After 1 week of treatment with Alpha blockers I have noticed more stimulus to urinate but no difference in flow.

How effective are Alpha blockers?
Should I feel a variation in flow? After how much time?
Should I try other alpha blockers if these ones do not work?

Should alpha blockers not work, what kind of operation do u reccommend?

I still have no kids and would like to have them.
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In 1994 I experienced problems with difficult urination. I was seen by two urologist and it was determined that I had an obstruction of the bladderneck. I was put on Flomax (an Alpha blocker). Things did not improve for me and surgery in the form of an incision of the bladderneck and TURP were done. I was only 30 at the time.
The symptoms were absent for about 6 months before I had problems again. This time a urodynamics study was done revealing that I had a neurogenic bladder. This was treated by self catheterzing several times a day.
I was still using Flomax as it would help during the day, and I did experienced a stronger urine flow. However my bladder did not completely empty and I used self cathig for that.

With the TURP and bladderneck incision, I ended up with retrograde ejeculation. This means that during the TURP and bladderneck incision the sphincter was somewhat damaged, causing ejeculation to take the route of least restriction with the semen ending up in the bladder. It is then expelled during ejeculation. About 6 months after the procedure my wife became pregnant with our youngest daughter. My urologist had mentioned that being infertile could be a risk after the surgery.
In a situation where fertility is a problem, they might be able to collect semen from the bladder and by the use of centrifical force separate the semen from the urine. However this is not a garentee.
Knowing what I know now, I would have tried any medications first and only use surgery as a last resort.
The surgery to remove an obstruction in itself is fairly a painless procedure. On some patients this is done on a day surgery basis. Since I lived a great distance from the hospital, I was kept for three days.

There are several different medications out now a days to treat these problems. I would try anything prior to any surgery.

I sincerely hope that medications will work for you. The Alpha blockers work in the way of dialating the prostate. I did not experience sexual side effects from the medication. I did however end up with ED after my surgery.

All the best,

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