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Bladder sensation Loss.Numbness Erectile/ejaculate issue ?

I have developed a NUMB Bladder...the sensation to urinate is getting VERY Slight almost non existent. I had a MICTITRITION study in July 2015 it didnt reveal much of concern. I have a slightly enalrged prostate for years.nothing new. My PSA level is totally normal. Examination of prostate (physical) revelaed no alarm. Blood tests in general are normal. I have hypogonadism and use AXIRON..but the loss of sensation extends to SEXCUAL as well (almost no feeling there and DIFFICULT to ejaculate.if i do almost nothing comes out. What is going on? NO ONE suspects cancer (A pevious micitrition study in 2014 revelaed a sdcarred bladder neck..but no indications of stone blockage in bladder or cancer. NO discoloration on penis or area. NO STD (have not had sex in LONG time).I DO have degenerative DISCS in back nut NO specific disc pressing on a nerve (I have LEAKING discs--annular fissures)> I am alarmed NO ONE is too concerned (I saw 2 urologists) and no one can dfiagnose this..I take PROSCAR for benign hypertropic prostate-that has nothing really to d owith hleping the loss of feeling..just lets me urinate..when I CAN sense it..HELP ???? I have NOT been put on any new medications recently but LIVALO I hardly think that causes a numb bladder or reduced sensation. here is NO Burning or pain on urination .I ALWAYS have impurities in urine (protein/ etc) but they atttribute that to the slow bladder. I am in at leats STAGE 2-3 Kidney disease (creatine elevated to about 1.40 due to MYOSITITIS from taking LIPITOR)..wonder if the muscle leaking (MYOGLOBINS in blood) could be to blame..but I think thats a SEPERATE issue..the issue is WHY am I losing feeling in groin and sexual issues..they cant find any cancer, tumors, or stones?
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