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Blocked vein or Lymphatic vein. Hard and Lumpy

I have Vein that runs along the side one of my large veins in my Penis, and it runs from base to the top behind my Penis head (right side runs to top and curls around to the back behind the head) It has become flat at the top (it has no supply). As you go further down toward the pubic area it is beeded tight and hurts? Also it has a bigger lump (clot) at the end of the tight beeding near the pubic bone.
I have been to to my GP that did not have a clue about it 6 days ago, and this was 3 days after injurie happened, after no joy with him I took myself to A&E and spoke to a Urology Dr and he look at it and went off and spoke to the Cheef? Came back and said I had got a Thrombosis is a vein and took my bloods to see if I had any clotting problems (all OK) He then asked me to rest  and gave me some cream to put on that he said would help (THE CREAM IS HIRODOID).
I have not d done anything strange, just normal good old sex with the Wife, just a bit more than usaul as she is trying to getting Pregnant. I am 30 years old and have a healthy life so please could you give me a second opinion as I have now had this lumpy block vein for just under 2 weeks and I am worried the vein will die with perminant damage.
P.S seen Urologist 3 days ago at A&E. Please help as I am in need of a second opinion.

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It is possible that there was an inflammation of the vein (phlebitis)that resulted in thrombosis along the vein. The cream that has been prescribed contains heparinoid that will help in reducing the inflammation and aid faster resolution of the thrombus.

The other possibility is that it could be a lymphocele (dilatation of a lymph vessel) and it can be differentiated from a vein by applying pressure over the lumpy area. Pressure will cause a lymphocele to empty but will not change the appearance of a vein that has been thrombosed.

Recovery will take about 8 weeks from the time of onset of symptoms.
Do keep us posted on any further doubts in this regard.
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Thanks for your reply and just to let you know that the beeding (small clots) are now starting to shrink in size and the pain has now almost gone. The vein or Lyph Vessel has now gone a little bit more relax and does not feel like it will snap when i get a morning errection ( that cant be helped!)

The only thing I have noticed is that under my skin where this vein-vessel connects to my penis head (bottom side), it does feel like it has dried out abit and feels like a ichy peace of straw under the skin. I have not touched it much as I just want it to heal up?

I would just like to say you have explained things in a lot more detail than the doctors I have seen, and put my mind at a bit more ease.
Thanks again and I will keep you posted on my healing prosses.
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The itching could be due to the healing process where the vessel would be recanalized by small cells that eat away the clot or obstruction.

Heparin will also help in melting down the clot by its thinning action.

You can also apply a natural moisturizer such as olive oil to derive relief from the itching.

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Hi. It has been some time since i was on giving an update, but I need to ask your oppinion.

The Vein/Vessel I had a problem with has now gone skinny like a piece of cotton and still has no flow. The good news is there is no disconfort at all now. It almost feels like it is going away or the body is breaking it down???

One thing I have discovered is another vein/vessel following a different path to the same place at the top of my penis, and it is new or growing form of a smaller vein/vessel. Could this be my body replacing the other one and nature taking it course??? I am in not discomfort at all with it now, but I have had a few very hard errection to the point I might burst?? I have just started having sex in the last week again and the wife has said i have been very very hard and caused a bit of discomfort to her, as im not a small lad when it come to size even before.

What would you suggest? Let nature take its course or go back and see a Urologist?
Things do seem ok thow and I have no other problems.

Many thanks for your time.
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Please can you reply to my last question above if you can help. Just need to know if i should just let my body heal it self and let nature take its course??? please read above as i have explained.
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Hi, I am having similar symptoms and it seems that the vein is no longer pumping any blodd.. The smaller veins seem to be picking up the slack..

I am very concerned -- did you vein ever start working again?
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I am 14 years old and I seem to have what resembles a sist in the middle of a vein between the base of my penis and my treasure trail (lower stomach) and I was wondering if I should just leave it or see a doctor? Also I am sexually active but since I have noticed the problem 3 days ago I have stopped until the problem is resolved or until I find out if it is safe for me to be having sex because the last thing I want is to hurt myself or more importantly my girlfriend. Please reply
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Ive been having the same symptoms guys. Ive read into the matter a little more extensively. I can tell you that it comes from vigorous activity usually including confinement. The affected area is running alongside veins but aren't veins themselves but rather Lymph vessels which do not pump blood through. So even though u may think its cool or makes you bigger. The only way you can get rid of this is STOP TOUCHING Completly. Give it a rest! IF YOURE NOT ON OTHER MEDS OR HAVE HAD A HEART ATTACK. A DOCTOR may Start you on regimen of some kind of nsaids. If you decide to try this, Do not take more than the label recommends. As nsaids such as ibuprofen Advil and Motrin will cause bleeding internally. Not to fear though it takes awhile to heal (6-8 weeks) but its not a dried up vein! Note that full recovery includes 1 week of no activity  AFTER the lymph has went down Completly. Good luck!
Hi...well... tried penis enlargement... Regret it already. My penis has these two white strings which probably 3 weeks ago were veins. Three weeks ago I experienced some pain when erect and now the pain is gone ...if thats any good, but now i feel numbness. It seems that my erection cant hold on very long also. Read some threads that it might be Mondor's disease. Any tips...besides quitting on enlarging?
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