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Blood In Seaman

Why is there blood in my seaman and urine after sex? This problem first started about 7 years ago. When I would get an erection I would urinate blood afterward, usually at the beginning of the stream or until I urinated a blood clot. After drinking water and cranberry juice my second relief would have no blood. The blood now appears in my seaman during sex, this does not occur when i masturbate. I will ejaculate blood and then urinate blood, and it occurs for a few days afterward in the mornings, usually when I wake up and have a minor erection. It usually occurs if I have been drinking, and not heavily, just one or two beers can spur the problem. I would have sex about 3-4 times a week when drinking moderately and it would not happen, then out of no where it would happen again.
I have seen similar posts on this web-site and they suggest going to a doctor. I have been to many doctors and here are the tests I have been through: tested for all STD's (negative), Urine tests, blood tests, cultures, I have had CT scans of the abdomen with the dye and without the dye, I have had an ultrasound where they enter through the anus, I have had the test where they go through the penis with dye and then x-ray (I think they were searching to see if a duct was open in the prostate), I have also had a Cystoscopy done twice about two years apart.  Most of these tests were done at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in PA.

Everything comes up okay, no cancer, no tumors, no tares or anything, and I am in relatively good health (active, never sick, do not feel sick). So the question becomes, where do I go now? I have been prescribed Finasteride, and I think that is to shrink the blood vessels in my prostate and I thought it had worked but now the problem is back again. This situation has run a toll on my life, try explaining blood in the seaman to a first time partner without her walking out the door in disgust, I have become a master of hiding the problem.

Please help!  
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