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Blood and Stones in Urine

I have a 15 year old brother who has recently started showing blood in his urine as well as producing kidney stone like masses ranging in size from 3-6mm in diameter.  He has had numerous ultrasounds to check for kidney stones however nothing has shown up.  Stone samples have been supplied to a hospital and the results back from the hospital lab state that the samples were not from the body (in other words they do not line up with any diagnostic test currently available for kidney stones).  He is now unable to control when he urinates, when he does it is explosive and uncontrollable resulting in a large amount of pain in the lower back and lower stomach region.  He has also mentioned that he has pain sometimes when he pees.  Any insight would be great or any diagnostic ideas for test to be run would also be beneficial.  The doctors he is currently seeing thing he is making up all of these symptoms however nurses have observed him peeing blood.
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Does your brother have any prior history of fever, sore throat or other flulike symptoms ?

Did the symptoms start abruptly?

Any associated trauma to the area (like during contact sports)?

Any history of prolonged intake of medications?

Any recurrent urinary tract infections?

Some kidney stones may not be visible in ultrasound. A kidney,ureter and bladder CT scan will be able to help.The CT scan is far more sensitive and  enables one to determine presence of stones .

I suggest that your brother have a thorough assessment done.Further evaluation is necessary.A cystoscopy and a referral to a gastroenterologist  may help.

Give your brother plenty of water.Allow him to maintain mild daily exercises to improve circulation.

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