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Blood clot in bladder

My husband was admitted to the hospital after an accident.  He was in ICU for approximately 3 weeks and was finally moved to a regular room where he had the same catheter in place since he was admitted.  While at the hospital he asked to use the portable commode and the nurses took him and after he did his business the nurses walked him over to the wheel chair and as they sat him down they notice that his catheter was leaking blood.  The nurse got a wash cloth and patted it down and said it was normal.  While getting him to the bed the catheter began leaking blood excessively and the nurse continued to say it was normal.  As they laid him on the bed the bleeding wouldn't stop and the nurse tugged on the catheter and said it was in place and said its normal for it to bleed that way and said not to worry.   A few hours later I noticed that the blood wouldt not stop and saw a huge blood clot hanging from the catheter.  I called the nurse and they cleaned it and said not to worry that it was normal and he could bleed for an hour or 2 but it would be okay.  Well a couple hours passed and the the clotting got worse.  Blood clots the size of a ping pong were coming out of his cather but not through the catheter, from around it.  I kept calling the nurses to come look at it and they would just wipe them down and leave.  That night his bed sheets were soiled in blood and he was in so much pain. The nurse came in later in the night and inflated the ballon and said that it would help stop the clotting and bleeding.  Well saidly it didnt, it got worse and larger clots formed and were coming out. The following morning he continued with pain and clots and he wasnt able to pass urine.  The charge nurse finally came in after I walked over to their station area and told them that this was serious and needed attention.  The charge nurse then was shocked and and called the on-call doctor and the doctor came in and said that it wasn't normal and wanted to see if they could remove the catheter.  The charge nurse pulled out the catheter and didn't wait for approval from the head doctor and the clotting just came down nonstop.  Later the nurses were blaming my husband that he had pulled out the catheter and caused the clotting and now hes having surgery to remove a blood clot the size of a tennis ball that they found in his bladder due to removing the catheter. I just want to know if my husband will have future complications during urination or what are things that can happen due to all this?  He is still in the hospital and the nurses and doctors are accusing him of pulling the Foley out causing all this but isn't true and they keep telling us not to worry about it.  My husband needed a blood transfusion due to losing so much blood.
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