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Blood in Sperm. High Calcium? help

Hello Doctors!

first of all

im 29
220 pounds

was wondering if you could help me!

back in 2008 i got a a bit of blood in my sperm, just some fleks of it i got scared as you do. and ran to the doctor he did a blood test stool test and urine test
found out i had a high amount of calcium in my urine.
so he gave me Profenid.
it went away.

Then a week ago it came out again

so i went back to the doctors again this was a different one he check my testacies for lumps he found nothing
and did a hernia test as well.
He then laughed at me when i said could it be prostate cancer. he said at age 29 no.
he did no other test though after i gave him my history.
which i found odd as i was charged 170 euros in france

what im worried about and whats freaked me out a bit is
could this be due to Kidney stones?
No one has gotten down to why am i having this high level of calcium in my urine?
I really hope its diet
Last time i was eating way to much Protein as i was working out
and this time i was on holiday for 3 months and pretty much did nothing and ate all the wrong typ of foods
high fatty salty
lots of chocolate

They say to much calcium in your urine, gives you 2 fold times risk of fatal prostate cancer at a later age?

What are your thoughts and opinions on this?
and what foods and diet do you recommend to patients that have high calcium in there diet.
but again no one has found out the cause of this. as the treatment to this varies.

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High calcium in urine may be due to kidney disease, leaking of urine from the kidneys, which causes calcium kidney stones, too much parathyroid hormone or very high vitamin D levels.

Regarding hematospermia, it can occur due to many conditions such as infections, swellings (inflammations), cysts, stones & other obstructive lesions, and benign or non-benign tumors of the organs of the genitourinary system (involving the bladder, urethra, the testicles, the seminal vesicles, the epididymis, the prostate gland etc). Investigations include blood tests, routine & culture tests of urine & semen, ultrasound & MRI scans of genitourinary system, and histopathological tests (FNAC, biopsy etc). So, I suggest you to consult a urologist for a thorough medical check-up
I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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