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Blood in Urine- Trying to urinate sitting in a car and had a "kink in the line"

Okay, this is a little embarrassing. I was driving home today and got stuck in traffic. I had to go really really bad! There was no way I could hold it.  There was just no where to stop. I have an empty juice bottle and thought, what the hell. I will give it a shot.. . So Im driving and fumbling trying to get the turtle out of the shell so it would go in there, while watching the road. I think I get it in, and I try to relax the muscles, and let go. Boom! The pee leaves my bladder like a horse leaving the barn, but it doesn't come out!!1 It felt like there was a kink in the line. The pain was excruciating! the pain was in the penis, not high in the bladder. I was sitting in a bad position and trying to drive.   I cant stand obviously while driving, but I lift my rear off the car seat to try to relieve pressure. The bottle goes flying, and I urinate  everywhere, all over my car and me. I notice at the end there is some red watery blood that dripped out, and my penis is burning. I get home to urinate again. It stings coming out and I notice some flakes of dry blood in the water. I just   again touring the night, the water looked clear  although there was a little burning at the penis. Then when I squeeze the penis after the urination a drop of watery blood comes out. This morning it feels better, no burning and I'm not seeing any blood.

Does this sound like trauma from pressure on the penis or urethra?
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Also; could vigorous sex or masturbation one hour prior have something to do with this?
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Update: this has completely cleared up. But I would still welcome some opinions
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