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Blood in semen and urine

Roughly 3 months ago, I urinated blood after having sex. This had never happened to me before and I have been sexually active for 10+ years. I was very concerned about the problem, but decided to wait to see if it happened again before going to a Doctor. Sure enough, the next time I had sex I actually ejaculated a mix of sperm blood. I went to the doctor and they thought I had kidney stones (I had lower back pain also). I had an CT Scan and nothing showed up irregular and no stones. I was told that the Doctor wanted to do a cytoscopy, but I never went back because the appointment was set for three weeks later and the problem seemed to resolve itself.

Now here I am 3 months later and I have the same problems occuring. I urinate blood after each time I have sex, there is blood in my semen when I have sex and the last time I urinated after sex there were VERY LARGE blood clots that came out. I actually had trouble urinating and had to squeeze my penis and then it shot out everywhere- full stream of blood with large clots included. I have a dull pain in my lower abdomen and my testicles are very sensitive right now. I am trying to get another appointment at my urologist, but they have not been available to schedule for the past two days. I am very nervous about what this could be. I saw my general practicioner two days ago because of an ear and sinus infection and I actually brought in a sample of one of the clots that I urinated the other night. He said it is definitely a clot and that I needed to go back to the urologist. He said it may be Visocele.

Does anyone know what may be happening to me?
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Blood in the ejacuate and urine certainly warrant further evaluation.

I suggest that you get a follow up consult with your urologist.Differentials for this will be a prostate problem (infections or enlargement),injury or structural abnormalities within the bladder and urethra. Infections of the epididymis  and seminal vesicles also need to be ruled out.

A cystoscopy will be able to help.A transrectal ultrasound to assess your prostate ,as well as testicular ultrasound to evaluate the contents of your scrotal sac will help guide the physician in reaching a diagnosis.

Refrain from sexual activity until you have been properly diagnosed by your physician.
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