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Blood in urine, no pain or other anomalies...

Hello! I am 28 years old, male, 180 lbs, 5'10, BP usually 110/80, pulse usually around 80. I do zero physical activity but I have excellent health, excluding the problem mentioned below:

On Friday night, before going to bed, my urine had plenty of blood in it. I got worried, but as I felt fine I thought "let's see what happens tomorrow" and I drank two glasses of water, even if I wasn't thirsty. When I woke up, before going to the bathroom I looked for a jar to take a urine sample (see picture), and the urine still had lots of blood in it. Saturday evening, and today (Sunday) in the morning the color is a little better (I'd say 15% clearer than the attached picture), but the blood is still quite visible. Other characteristics are as follows:

- zero pain
- zero fever/other anomalies
- zero sexual activity (other than masturbating) in the last month
- no injuries at all in the last year
- no intake of beets or similar meals
- BP as usual, nothing out of the ordinary

I have an appointment with the urologist tomorrow or on Tuesday. I already went to the lab and ordered a general urine test (the most basic one). I have very little money, and I'd like to bring to the urologist all necessary tests so I don't have to go back two times (and pay him twice). What other tests should I bring? What should I do in the meantime?

Your help is enrmously appreciated. Thank you!
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