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Blood in urine and no pain

I'm really concerned because just now I went to the bathroom and found a drop of blood on the toilet seat.  I have no pain at all when urinating.  I did notice that my urine seemed a bit cloudier than usual, but the drop of bright red blood unnerved me quite a bit!

I'm a 52-year-old woman who has had a hysterectomy.

Everything I'm reading says that urine in the blood without pain is probably either kidney or bladder cancer.  My question is:  Is there anything else that can cause blood in the urine with no pain?

Thanks for any replies!
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Oh absolutely....don't get too upset yet.  Kidney stones certainly can do it (that's how I first found out I had kidney stones)...they can cause a good amount of visible blood in the urine at times, even if they haven't yet moved into the ureter.  As such you would feel no pain.  I believe some infections can cause blood in the urine (do you have a fever?).  That having been said, I would certainly get in to see a doctor right away in order to find out what the source is.  If it does turn out to be cancer, quick diagnosis and treatment will be essential...same if it is an infection.
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Thank you so much for the reassurance!  It's good to know that it might be something else that is not so awful!  I don't have a fever, but I'm definitely going to call my doctor tomorrow.

Thanks again!
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It could be hemorroid or if you strain yourself,from the tearing of the membrane.
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Karin, I am a 65 year old female also a hysterectomy. I also have blood in my urine. I have had a CT, and a Cystascopy(not spelled correct). I have no pain, just sometimes blood on the panty liner, my urologist tested blood straight from the bladder so blood is definitely coming from there, but the scope showed a healthy bladder lining, he said about 7 or so percent of  people have blood in there urine for no reason. The CT is to check for stones, there was nothing. I too was worried about cancer. So if you havn't seen your Dr., please go so he can rule out any disease. My tests were done  3 weeks ago. good luck, gofngal
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i drink 1-2 glasses of wine everynight for the past 2 years..i noticed yesterday that there was some light red color on tissue when i urinated and wiped, but i feel no pain...what can it be?  i thought i would be my menstrual cycle but i'm not due for another 2 weeks.
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am 49 and also have blood when ever i do a uti with no infection, have been tested to but all looks good so my dr says just something my body does so try and relax dont worry very common also had a total hysterectomy at age 23
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Im a little worried too i have been urinating alot
more than normal over the past 2 weeks or so
on average of 20-30 times a day also when i need to go i
have to go straight away as i will wet myself
i have not increased the amount that i drink i very rarely
drink alcohol but i do smoke im 35 yr old had 4 kids and i had
a hysterectomy when i was 28.
I went to see my GP as i wondering if it were
diabetes she wanted a urine sample off me and a
fasting blood sample the urine sample showed that
i did not have an infection but found white blood cells
in my test she wants me to go in earlier for my blood
test to be done also she wants me to have scans done
at the hospital which has me very concerned as i lost
my mum to bowel cancer 2yrs ago

Any comments would be appreciated

Thanks in Advance

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I am male 36 y/o and i have the same problem. The first time that i urinated blood i went to the batroom to pee and noticed that all the pee was blood, that was the first pee in the morning. After the first time the pee was clear. I went to the ER and they told me that it was a kidney stone that was in the uretra. I have been paying attention and have realize that one day last week i drank just one beer and the next day i peed blood again with not pain . It looked pretty dark a inclusive was like coagulated. three days ago i drank a beer again in purpuse to make sure that the beer was causing the problem and YES next morning i peed a lot of blood again but this time was not only the first time in the morning but during the day. I am going back to my doctor and explain him what is happening. In the ER they told me that "the kidney stone will pass thru in three days" I am sure a kindney stone is not the reason of my bleeding. I work with metals and i am afraid that it can be cancer.
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I have beem peeing blood for over 2 months.I have been to the emergency room 2 different times.The first time I was told I had a UTI without the syemptoms of having one.I was giving a 7 day antibi.which didn't work.The next time I was refered to a Urologyist.I then was scoped in the office where he spotted a vain attached to the main artiarre leaking.What concerned me is that he was unable to get a vissual in my blatter. But when they did an angeiogram they found nothing bleeding in or near the main artiarre, but (beautiful Kidneys) as the doctor called them.(Anigeogram) They went in the grone into the main artiarre to the kidneys. If anyone can help please let me know.
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Hi i am 30 yrs old and in around Nov 9 that week i was bleeding alot of blood in my urine w/no pain, i tought that it was my period but i had a very bad pain went to the ER and they said that i had a kidney stone, and that i would just pass it, i kept on bleeding alot and in the begging of Dec i was hospitilized and they say that the stone has not moved so it cant be that i was disapointed cuz the dr said that its just a back pain and that im not going to bleed to death, well today i went to a urologist and he was concerned because i peeded blood in his urine sample he's going to do a cystography and a tcu to see if the stone is causeing it the bleeding but dr is pretty much thinking that its not from the stone but is going to chk for cancer in my bladder yaks im scared I have 2 little ones that needs me, also just to mention that when i had my son in 2006 i felt great but when i gave birth to my daughter in early july 2010 ive been not feeling well since then, if anyone knows anything about these issue let me know
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After urine cultures and urine analysis I was told I have hematuria.  Then a ct scan showed no type of kidney/bladder infection.  Now minutes after i empty my bladder I feel like I have to go again, no pain at all.  I'm postmenopausal and worried about something really bad going on.  This whole thing started a month ago when I developed a horrendous case of hives from head to toe, took pred and 3 days later the hives came back only worse.  That is when I went for bloodwork and the blood in urine was discovered.
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Hello, my husband who is 40 has blood in his urine with no pain. As well his white blood cell count is high. Could they be linked? And if so, what could possibly be the issue?

Thank You
A worried wife
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That is so much like what has happened to me.
I too am post menapausal,,,,and for the last 2 weeks I have been extremly itchy (not hives exactly, but very close) And then today,I see alot of blood in my urine.
No trauma, no infection, definately no sex (he hasn't looked at me for over 2 yr"s lol)
what is up?
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Hi, my mother has same symptoms as you, samgordon...itchy and with blood in her urine.  Have you found out what the problem is?
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I am a 11 year old girl. I just recently started to notice blood in my urine.
Is this bad? Should I be worrying? Should I tell my parents and go see a doctor? Please reply ASAP!

I am dying to know!
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Hello um this is kind of creazy like I went to the bathroom this morning and I had a lil blood in my urine and I was scared idk wht it could be I don't bun when I pee or nouthing I don't have a fever or none of tht wht can it be I scared and idk wht to to please somebody help me
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hello, I'm 22, female.. I peed blood too. and sometimes there were bits of blood coming out whenever I peed. I had urine tests and the results are normal. also had ultrasound to check if I had kidney stones or whatever stones on my urinary track, but everything was normal and clear.

the first time I peed blood it is non stop. every minute I want to pee. but I only pee less liquid with blood or sometimes just blood. It is not actually painful. I feel like it tickles specially when there are tiny bits of blood coming out when I peed. (also it is hard to push the last fluids due to it somewhat tickles) I had my first urine test then on the med. clinic. and the result is normal, no infections at all. The doctor gave me medications for 3 days, then that night after drinking the antibiotic and the anti bleeding, the bleeding was gone. The the next day by afternoon, I got my menstrual period so people believe that happened because of it. But I really saw that the bleeding came from my urine.

My doctor told me to have another urine test 1 week after my period, then the result is normal again.

after 2 weeks and a half it came back again. the bleeding started again and I keep on peeing and peeing. good thing I still have 2 anti bleeding medicine. the next day I did ultrasound to check if I had kidney stones or whatever, but everything is clear / normal too.

so what is the reason behind this bleeding??? anyone have same situation like mine?
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I know this is September 2012, and hopefully someone got back to you by now---but I got my first period at age 11--that's probably what you were seeing--the first "spotting" you get when it starts--and it will take about a year for it to become regular and come every month for 3 to 7 days--I hope by now you have spoken to your Mom--this is probably Normal!   Good Luck!
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Did you find what was the problem?
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Did you find what was the problem?
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