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Blood in urine day after fresh blood on stool during bowel movement?

I am a 39 Year old male. I have an odd occurrence which I have been told cannot be related, however it has been consistently happening for a few years.
The symptom is blood in urine the day after I have fresh red blood during bowel movement.
What generally happens; I will have fresh red blood on my stool and also dripping into the toilet during a bowel movement (no blood in my urine yet). With in a few hours I will get achy, my skin hurts, and I get really cold to the point that I cannot get warm (this typically happens during the night). However at this point I notice that my urine will get darker. If I am urinating frequently it will be red or pinkish. If I am not it will get more of a dark brownish color. This will last for a couple days to a week and a half. It always correlates with the bleeding during the bowel movement. I will have some dull abdominal pain during that time frame. This happens a few times a year.
I have seen several doctors and none have been able to help. I have had a colonoscopy and several cystoscopies. I have also had a CT scan. No answers. Can anyone help?

I have been told they aren't related but the timing consistently happens at the same time and in the same order.
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