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Blood in urine

For a few days last week, I had very light pink when I wiped after I urinated. Then it stopped for a couple of days. For the last two days it is getting a bit heavier and I am having to run to the bathroom.

I have been sick for twelve days with a chest and sinus infection and went to my doctor three days ago. I have a bronchial/pneumonia asthma deal. I was put on Z-pak, 6 day steroid treatment, and mucinex.

My question is should I be very worried about the blood? I didn't tell my doctor about it because it had stopped and I have fibroids so I am never sure if it has to do with them. Will the Z-pak/ steroids help with any infection I might have- if it is UTI or kidney infection? Could I have gotten a UTI because I waited so long to go to the doctor with my chest/sinus infection?

I guess I will be calling my doctor when he gets in on Monday, but I would appreciate any help that might alleviate my high stress level over this!

Thank you!
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Sounds just like me, except my 10 days of antibiotics for bronchitis finished a few days before the bloody pee started.  Bacteria didn't show up at first, so I think the UTI might have been caused by another problem.  Antibiotics can cause stones, but I don't know how long they take to form.  Definately tell your Dr. they can order scans and need to culture the urine to make sure you are on the right antiobiotic for that, probably different that the one your on for lung gunk.
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First of all unlike males, in female anatomy, the reproductive organs are different and lying separately from the urinary organs. So fibroids have no relation with blood in urine unless or until there was any bladder trauma or the malignancy had spread locally.

Presence of blood in urine is called hematuria. Causes include lesions of the urinary tract, Kidney pathologies, trauma, tumors, malaria or stones in the urinary tract. In your case UTI needs to be probed thoroughly as to whether it is responsible for causing such symptoms.

I feel that without clinical examination, pinpointing a diagnosis is tough. Also a complete urine examination and culture may be required. Please consult a urologist for confirming the diagnosis.
I hope that helps. Kind regards.

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