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Blood streaks in ejaculate what could it be?

So I just masteebated and noticed there was some streaks of reddish brown in the first spurt that came out. There wasn't any I the rest which was quite normal. It doesn't hurt, no pain on urination or discomfort or anything like that. Though for a week or so I did have on occasion a dull ache sensation in my penis that I could not pinpoint to any localised area.
Absolutely freaking out right now and it's the weekend so difficult to get any medical attention where I'm from. Is this something to worry about or is it possibly I've damaged my penis some how? Any response greatly appreciated.
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One quick question: Have you recently had any type of trauma or injury in that area? Like a fall, or maybe even a long bike ride on a hard seat? Or perhaps even some rough sexual activity - ??

I’m not a Dr., but info I found says any broken blood vessels anywhere along the path of the genito-urinary system can cause blood in semen. Often no cause can be found. It CAN be a warning sign of cancer, which I’m sure is a scary thought for you, but that’s rare. You didn’t say how old you are, but for men over 40 with frequent blood in ejaculate, only 4%-6% are found to have cancer. If this turns out to be just a one-time event, it’s prbly less likely there’s any serious prblm.

Your best bet is to see your reg Dr. 1st, who’ll prbly examine you, check the prostate & order a cpl tests, and if no immediate cause is found, may refer you to a Urologist. You can describe seeing blood in ejaculate without specifically mentioning masturbation, if speaking of that makes you uncomfortable. Best of luck to you & please check back in & let us know what’s found - your findings could help someone else in a similar situation.
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Thankyou. No specific event that I can attribute. Though it was after sex about a week ago that I noticed the dull ache in my penis. It could possibly be that I have ruptured something or damaged something. Going to leave it alone for a while and then have another look and see what happens.

I'm fairly confident it's not cancer, I'm 29 and have relatively recently had alot of blood work done as I was going through the process of getting IBS diagnosed. I also had a urine test (I think it was just a dipstick) done throughout that time which came back normal.

Thankyou for your advice
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How is this going?  Is it cleared up?  I think Bonzo guided you really well here.
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Hi. Yeah it never happened again after that so I figured it was just a one off. If it occurs again I will call my doctor.
I think that is a good plan.  Let us know.
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