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Blue Penis

I'm a 19 year old who has only just recently found out about pulling the foreskin back on my penis. I did have phimosis but now the skin has loosened enough for me to get it over the bell. After being able to do this i discovered that the bottom half of my penis is completly blue. I know i should go to a doctor, but i beleive it will be quite akward and before i do go i was wanting to know roughly how serious this could be and any suggestions to what the cause of it could be.
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Sounds to me as though your penis is normal. If some veins are close to the skin, then there may be a bluish cast to the tissue here. Do retract your foreskin EVERY DAY and wash with soap and water and be sure to pull the foreskin back down over  the head of your penis.  If you do not, you may get an infection and significant swelling underneath the foreskin that can ultimately result in your needing a circumcision.

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