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Broken penis/severed urethra

I am a 41-year-old healthy male.

I "broke my penis" about 10 years ago, but it wasn't your "normal" fracture. I have looked all over the web and have yet to find a condition that happened to me about 10 years ago.

I was having sex with my spouse and as I pulled out my penis it hit her rear. When this happened, instantly a large stream of blood shot out of penis. This was a very large quantity of blood loss. Very horrific to say the least.
We called 911 and they came. By this time I was all cleaned up and obviously my erection was gone and in turn the blood was not coming out any more. After looking me over, they said 'you should be fine, just put some ice on it". My girlfriend said "know, you don’t understand, look in the bedroom". After they saw what our bed looked like they rushed me to emergency.
At the emergency they had me give a urine sample and just looked me over. There was barely any pain and only a slight bit of redness on the tip of penis so it didn't look to bad to the doctor. I explained everything to them but they didn't know what to do. They said I should make an appointment first thing Monday morning (this happened at 3 am on a Sunday) and sent me home.
Now it is about 4 am and we are both exhausted. We both lie down on the couch and fall asleep. All of the sudden I awake to blood streaming out of my penis again! I had an erection in my sleep I guess and this triggered it.
I call my father and he rushes over to take me to the emergency for the second time that morning.
They are now aware of me at the hospital and try and give me an injection in the opening of my penis to get x-rays. They had to do it twice because the first one didn't show anything. But, neither did the second one.
They were told by an urologist to put a catheter in me so they did.
When I went home and fell a sleep, only trickles of blood would come out now if I had an erection. The tube seemed to stop/constrict the bleeding. I had the catheter in for about a week.
The urologist that saw me said a fractured penis happens a lot and it will heal well with maybe only a slight curvature. I really think I was misdiagnosed from the start at this point.

After about a month I was able to get an erection with mild pain and only a slight curvature to my penis. It looked like it healed pretty well. While my girlfriend and I were still pretty cautious about sex, but we were having it on occasion and my erection seemed "ok".
Then about 3 months later, my penis seemed to change. My erection started to be less adequate and there were some random sharp pains at the tip of it. Also, after ejaculation I would feel a pain in my left groin most of the time that I had never felt prior to the accident. I would also get a feeling like I had a bladder infection at random times (I know how this feels because I had them when my catheter was in).
As the years went by my erection got worse. I went to many urologists prescribing me Viagra and promising me they would get me working again. But this never happened.
I would just kind of give up for a year of trying and hitting dead ends.

About 2 years ago after a lot of research I went to see a very well known urologist who specializes in the anatomy of the penis and sexual dysfunction. He put me through many tests. Most of the time these tests involved at least one needle and injections of some sort into my penis.
The last test I had showed a leak. He said he could try repairing it, but the chance of it being successful was about 25%.
I am waiting to get up the nerve to make an appointment for this surgery.

This accident has not only ruined my relationship of 13 years, but has made me loose almost all of my "manhood" and sex drive.

I guess what my question/thought is here is that I still feel I have been misdiagnose. While I do know that I have the 'leak" I think there is more to it. I think my "plumbing" or something is messed up too. I still get that pain in my left groin after ejaculation, and my erection on a scale from 1-10 is a 4 at best case and it is hard to keep it.

Is there any kind of cats can that can be done to see better what’s going on?
I feel I have finally hit the end here and I was hoping for more out of this new urologist. I really think even he is not understanding exactly what happened to me and is treating me like I had one of these "common" penis fractures.
I know I am not a doctor, but I do know my body and I was the only one there (besides my girlfriend) when this happened. I think I severed my urethra at the very tip and that is why they could not get an x-ray to show the break. And I am suffering from the improper healing of this break.

I am very curious as to what your diagnosis is after reading this.
Any help is much appreciated.

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You broke your eurethra. Thats what the blood was from. The blood came from the two channels that fill up with blood when you have an erection. The eurethra being torn allowed this blood to escape. You need surgery without the first 72 hours to restore full function. The curvature is due to scar tissue forming which leads to erectile disfunction. Now that it has healed 25% chance is better than no chance of restoring your over life.

Here's an article on it:

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