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Brown semen...

During a recent ejaculation, I noticed the semen was brown in color. At first it came out white as normal, but then it pumped out a muted brown color. I'm aware this could be blood related to the prostate or some nerve tear or something, but my question is:

As I'd prefer a wait and see approach before immediately trying to get an appointment with a urologist, what should or shouldn't I do? If there's blood inside, would masturbating flush more of it out? Or should I avoid masturbation as it might be too aggressive and further the problem? There's no way for me to know whether or not the color will return to normal until I ejaculate again. I urinated a few minutes after first discovering this issue and the urine had no blood, no brown discoloration at all...it was completely normal/clear (and has continued to be). I have had no other symptoms, no pain.

Just for background, I had not ejaculated for a few days, but nothing out of routine. I take vitamin B and drink protein shakes. The only medication I took recently was a Promethazine tablet (25mg) the day before. Also, every other day I use a penis water pump just for partner's enjoyment.
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By the way, I'm in my late 20's.
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Help Please, anyone???
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Can anybody Please help????
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You mention your urine being of normal color and having no other symptoms and no pain.  If this has been the case since you first saw brown semen, then you could masturbate again and see how it looks now.  You also mentioned taking a Promethazine tablet.  Was this just a one-time pill?  If so, it should not be a problem.  You should check the side effects if it was something you take on a continuous basis.  The vitamin B and protein shakes would not be a problem unless you were going overboard on them.  Your use of a penis water pump is something I'm not familiar with.  Just do not stress your penis with excessive suction or in any other way abuse it.      
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Thanks for the answer. I did masturbate a couple times a couple days later and the semen is still brown color. Still no other symptoms. No sexual activity or water pump use since then. No other medication use, either.

Can't see a doctor for a while. Not sure if this will clear up on its own or if at all, or if I should avoid sexual activity for a while? If there was some infection (which I don't see how there could be), which specific antibiotics do doctors prescribe for hematospermia?
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a healthy male should ejaculate about two times per week as i have been told
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Since the brown semen continues, see your doctor as you are able.  I'm not a fan of self-diagnosis except with certain symptoms.  
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Please, definitely see a Dr. right away! Blood in semen CAN be a sign of prostate cancer. It doesn't necessarily mean it's cancer, but I wouldn't take a chance if I were you. Prostate cancer can have no symptoms at all - I know, because I was just diagnosed with a fairly advanced form at the end of May & scheduled for surgery July 31. I had no symptoms at all, other than high PSA. Even though it's fairly unlikely you'd have prostate cancer at  your age, I'd still want to know what's causing this, and the earlier you catch any type of problem in this area, the easier it is to deal with...
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