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Bruise-like spots on glans penis

I'm a 33-year old circumcised male with a long-term monogamous partner.  About six months ago I noticed that one side of my glans seemed darker than the other.  Upon closer inspection I saw that there are actually several dark, bruise-like areas.  There is one larger spot on the underside of the head and three roughly circular spots (about 0.5 cm each) in a row next to it on the side of my penis head.  

My first impression was that it was a fungal infection; I had a similar grouping of circular spots on my chest about a year before which turned out to be fungal.  I've tried two different fungal creams, one with a steroid component, which have not made any difference.  I've been to two different Planned Parenthood clinics--the first prescribed one of the fungal creams but said it didn't look like anything in particular.  The second also said not to worry about it but suggested visiting a dermatologist when I asked if the spots could be cancerous.  Unfortunately, I don't currently have insurance so that's not an option.  

I'm wondering at this point if the spots are some type of vascular issue.  The color varies every time I look at them, from just slightly-darker than the surrounding skin (kind of a liverish color) to a darker bluish-purple.  The spots are not raised, itchy or painful in any way.  During an erection the spots are completely invisible--if I'm partially erect I can pick out the spots (which are then significantly stretched out) because I know where to look, but with a full erection they are not at all visible.  Also, if I lightly squeeze the head of the penis so that the affected area fills with blood, the spots disappear completely.  In fact, the color of the spots EXACTLY matches the color of the entire area when engorged with blood.  It's almost like the spots have a permanently higher degree of blood flow than the surrounding areas.  They have not changed since I noticed them but one or two smaller spots seem to have popped up on the opposite side of the glans.

My biggest question is whether or not this is something to worry about (read: cancer).  I have a pretty significant level of health anxiety, so I've been concerned about the possibility of penile cancer.  The second nurse practitioner's suggestion to visit a dermatologist actually made my anxiety considerably worse, even though she didn't personally think it was anything to worry about.  There has never been any injury to the area that I'm aware of and I know the spots haven't always been there but I'm not sure how long they have been or how quickly they developed--I only noticed them when I did because I happened to see my penis in different light conditions that I'm used to, but I do think I had noticed some degree of discoloration in the past that just never really registered.

So what could this be?  Hyperpigmentation? Broken blood vessels? Penile cancer?(!)  I also posted this in the dermatology forum but thought it might actually be more appropriate here, since the spots do very much resemble bruises. Thank you very much for your help--my anxiety has taken a turn for the worse and I'm beginning to panic.
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