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Bumps after circumcision


I had a circumcision due to phimosis 47 days ago. Everything was okay but I have those bumps along the incision line/scar bumps.

I have spoken about it with my urologist who did circumcision and he told me that that's a reaction from sutures and it'll shrink over time. But I'm not so confident with that opinion, I think that I've developed keloids.

Here are the photos: https://imgur.com/a/wZn0rR3 (NSFW).

I'm from Serbia and here circumcision isn't common thing; I don't have friends who are circumcised to ask them about it.

Are those bumps keloids? I'm really worried about how it will look..

I'm using BioOil and Contractubex.

Many thanks and best regards,
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I agree with your doctors. That's pretty normal. Time will tell but would not worry, to be honest.
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