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I had taking some antibiotics and even though I am circumcised, the doctor said I had a yeast infection.  He gave me an antifungal and steroid cream.  It seemed to slowly do the trick.  But every time I went off it, it started to come back.  It starts with a burning in the head of my penis and then turns into soars.  As this was happening, I also started noticing a red rash on the underside of my arm.  I went to the Dermatologist and she said that it was probably not the antifungal that started healing my penis, it was the steroid, so she gave my a steroid for my arm.  It did not help and I now have this rash on my arms and legs and if I go off my cream, I feel it reappear on my penis.  in looking at pictures of different rashes on the internet, the rash on the arms looks exactly like Lichen Planus.  There is one other thing too, as I've gotten older, I notice that the head of my penis retracts a lot, nothing that a quick shake can't take care of, but it's happening more and more as I get older.  Any Thoughts?
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