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Burning in urine, weak urine flow, slight blood in urine, multiple urine streams

I've been having problems with my prostate for more than a year now. It started off as just a slight burning sensation but then, after putting off getting it looked at, it became excruciating and that's when I went to the doctor. He told my I didn't have any STD's and gave me some antibiotics. After that, I moved to a different city and stopped seeing the doctor and slowly the problem began again. This time, besides pain when I urinated, my penis was starting to be in pain throughout the day on and off. It got so bad that I couldn't stand having intercourse or getting oral sex. When I would urinate the stream would come out weak and spray all over the place in multiple directions. Even when I tried ejaculating the semen wouldn't come out strong. It got to the point that sometimes no semen would come out. It would start coming out but it wouldn't make it to the tip of my penis and this caused burning as well. I went to see a new doctor but he seemed to know very little about problems in the prostate so I asked him to please send me to a urologist. The urologist I saw thought I had prostatitis and gave my antibiotics which worked well for a while but now I'm back to the same symptoms as before. What's going on with my body?
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