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Burning pain in urethra

Hey, I’ve been struggling with this problem for 6 months.

I had sexual encounter and during foreplay my penis barely touched her vagina, 3-4 days later symptoms begin. First, it was warmth in tip of urethra, then it grew on strength especially after peeing, in addition candida overgrowth that spread through my mouth, cloudy urine, sometimes skin on my "head" got super dry and white and skin started to peel, reddish "lips", and plethora of other new sensations.  
I checked STD, HIV twice, mycotoxins and nothing was there. First Urologist said its prostatitis, another that it isn’t, I suggested yeast infection as for candida overgrowth, so he gave me Fluconazole 100mg for 2 weeks. I started reducing carbs, no more processed foods, simple sugars, caffeine, it helped a bit and symptoms started to go away—I’m on 8th day. Yesterday I had a slice of grilled pineapple and it’s almost back to square one. I’m losing confidence in yeast infection to be the cause since this medication, healthy diet, exercise, regular schedule and little to no stress have no impact.

I tried TCM, 2 Urologists, GP, and scavenged the net. Want are my other avenues to investigate that issue?

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When you say "barely touched", what exactly does that mean? Did you grind on her for a few seconds unprotected? Did you penetrate her for a bit? Did your penis just graze her literally for a second? Did she perform oral? Did you perform oral on her?

I don't mean to sound rude, but if it was literally just grazing her for a second, then whatever it is didn't come from her, and she didn't perform oral, then there's really no way that whatever is happening came from her.

Since pineapple set you back, I would wonder about interstitial cystitis/irritable bladder syndrome. Pineapple is a really acidic food, and it can be really irritating to the bladder.

I don't know about the yeast in the mouth. Have you ever seen pics of that? Google oral thrush - that's really something that happens in newborns or people with compromised immune systems.

I'd also think irritable bladder because you've eliminated caffeine. That's horrific on the bladder for some.

Have you had any urine testing done? In some people, they find blood in the urine, but no bacteria.

You're already doing the best things you can do for it, if that's what it is.

If she didn't perform oral, or you perform oral on her, and your penis just grazed her for a second, there's no risk for getting anything from her, and the timing really is coincidence. If more happened, then I might be more inclined to go the prostatitis route from infection.
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