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Burning sensation in bladder area, and aching legs :(

I'm a non-sexually active 19 year old female; college student. At the beginning of April, I woke up one morning in my dorm with the typical urge to pee, so I went. But something seemed off. I keep feeling like I had to go all day. Between January and February, I had three of these "peeing spells" where I'd go constatly, but they'd only last 24 hours. This has been over a month. Thinking that it was me retaining water due to my expected period, I let it go a week. After a week, I became concerned. I went home, told my mom, and she set me up an appointment with my Dr. I had two urine tests, cultured them, and it both came back negative, but there were white blood cells in them. They put me on Bactrim DS for 10 days the second time just to be safe. The medicine did nothing for me at all. I am still experiencing these symptoms... Urgency to pee after I just went, burning sensation above pubic bone, peeing a lot (over 10 times a day, sometimes it's drops, sometimes normal), and during all of this my the tops of my thighs have been aching really bad. To the point where when I'm walking to class I wanna a cry. It does not burn when I pee, no blood, not cloudy, no fever at all. My new gyno believes that I have both polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis, but has not given me an actual diagnoses yet. She put me on Yaz, but it caused bad cystic acne, so that medication was stopped early. My mother has ovarian fibroids, so does her sister, mother, and aunt. This is just effecting my life really bad. The peeing and leg aches are unbearable. What is causing all of this? I just woke up one morning like this... :( Is it fibroids? Endometriosis? Poly.c? Interstitial. C? Diabetes? Hormone imbalance? ...................... What puzzles me is the aching legs. The aching happened right when the peeing happened......................... Please help.... My mom called the Dr to set up blood work to have my B12, lipids, sugar, D3, and hormones checked. I'm scared. It's made my last semester as a college freshman miserable :'(
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How are you? What other symptoms are present? Aside from the differentials that you mentioned, neurological issues should also be ruled out. This usually presents with numbness, pain, pin pricking as well as other neurological issues. If the symptoms persist, inform your doctor for proper management. Additional diagnostic tests may also be done. Take care and do keep us posted about  your follow-up. Take care and best regards.
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