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Burning sensation urination

Hello, I am a Male 55, this is my story, and from what I have read in the various threads I am not alone;

So I need to be honest here, multiple partners (Only Women), unprotected sex, vaginal and anal.
Approximately 3 months ago after having unprotected sex with a woman I see all the time, the very next day I noticed a slight tingling and a bit of redness behind the head of my penis, didn’t think much of it, then she called me and asked if I was having any discomfort, and informed me she has a yeast infection, she also said that it takes her multiple doses (2 in 48 hours) to get rid of it. (she of course assures me that besides her husband I am the only other-other)

Then as the next few days passed I begin to have a slight burning after urination, then a few days later the burning seemed to linger and the slight burning around the head of my penis was there most of the time.

I need to point out, not an intense burning, almost electrical sensation.

Then after a week I decided that physiologically speaking I was beginning to freak out, so I went to a clinic, not my regular doctor, one closer to work in the event I needed a follow up, after the round of questions and the urine sample (clean catch) that the doctor said looked clean (except for high sugar – type 2 diabetes) , didn’t see anything that would indicate a UTI, and with the thorough questioning and examination did not think STD, but asked if I would feel better if I were tested anyway, I said yes, then went through with the swab test for gonorrhea and chlamydia, I checked with them when the test came back and it was negative, okay now at about day 10 or so from the first visit and the symptoms still present, called same clinic they had me come in again and tested my urine again, sugar levels down but did see some bacteria, so prescribed Cipro, after a week into the 2 week script, no improvement, I have in the past had issues with some antibiotics not performing well, so they switched the prescription to Bactrim, 1 week supply and took another urine sample sent in for labs, no growth reported , after that week, no difference,

Okay due to a different issue with re-occurring cellulitis, I have Cephalexin on hand, so I took that recommended dosage for a week, no difference, so then I go to my regular doctor (who has a 35 year history), he asks all of the same questions and states he is reasonably sure it is more of an irritation and will go away on its own, I get the usual chastising about multiple partners and he looks over the previous medical reports which I had sent to him, so he sends me on my way and says if I am not better in a week come back, at this time it was also time for my annual tests, he said after 3 weeks and three different antibiotics, and no other symptoms, he is not concerned that it is serious, if the problem is worse call, he may recommend a urologist.

Test results came back, the usual PSA, Creatinne, A1C, Uric Acid all within normal, of course LDL 178, HDL 52, Cholesterol 258

Then I also had a week’s supply of Amoxicillin, which I took also, why not it can’t kill me right, the week goes by and then I go see my regular doctor again, he is not real happy with me, actually asks if I tell you that you do not have an STD will you get better instantly, I said I can assure you this is not in my head, so he asks what do you want me to test you for, I said anything that could cause these symptoms, so he did the Swab Test for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, which he said was a waste of time, and he did another urine test which he said doubtful, so the tests come back negative and he said we will schedule a urologist.

So I go to the urologist and he give my chart a look over and says the one test I have not been given and the antibiotic’s I have taken would have no effect, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma, and he goes through the intense questioning and says he is hesitant to look into my penis with a scope as to the fact that it could make an irritation worse, so he takes the test and says we will regroup after the results.

A week later, the tests were negative, I asked his nurse about Trichomoniasis, she said I would know by a smell that would not go away, at this point I am grouping for anything that would cause this, then I discovered that my wife had changed the brand of dryer sheets, after researching that it sounded like what I have, so I bought new underwear and we discontinued the dryer sheets all together.

Two week later still the same symptoms, I told the urologist after the last test result I would give it the rest of the month and if I see no difference I will come back.

So to summarize,
Symptoms all the time a slight burning around the area behind the head of my penis (Circumcised)
Burning after urination which occasionally goes away after an hour, seems to be better when I skip the shower, seems to be a little worse after a shower.
I use melaleuca gold bar soap, for the last ten years.
Occasionally a slight burning after a bowel movement.
Sometimes a slight burning at the base of the scrotum.
Some lessening of my urine stream, occasionally I think it smells more that usual, maybe my imagination.
Lately a dull pain in two parallel locations lower abdomen, about halfway between my naval and penis, goes away after a while.
No rashes only a little redness behind the head of the penis.

I have never had an open sore on my penis, I have never seen a discharge from my penis, I do occasionally have cold sores on my lips, never anywhere else and I have not had one in six months plus.

I have reached the point where I am ready to start end of life counseling becase I am sure this will turn out to be something serious, because it has been almost three months and although not as intense as it was in the first two weeks, still there.

Any help would be appreciated
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I was given the one dose pill for a yeast infection in the first week of treatment, all three doctors said it did not appear likely, no affect
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I also forgot to mention Penis Retraction, I have had it on and off throughout my life, however since this incident began it is basically all the time, it used to feel uncomfortable when it happened now it actually feels better when it does, it's like it is protected and seems to burn less.
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Hi and Welcome!

I am so sorry to hear about your puzzling symptoms (SX). I'd like to tell you to relax - but it's not my SX and I understand how stressful it is when you can't get a diagnosis (DX).

Yes trichomoniasis would have a strong order - and should be fairly easy to DX -. It also rarely produces SX.

So where to from here? You might want to see a dermatologist - and get a second opinion from a urologist that is not connected to the one you consulted.  There has to be an answer.

I wish I had better suggestions for you. I hope one of our members will offer more. Please keep us posted and let us know what you discover.

Best of Luck,
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