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Buttocks get extremely warm & Urinary Urgency

Thank you for reading about my problem.

I've been searching the web through google and websites for about a month and cannot find similar symptoms, and here I am now on MedHelp wanting to find help.
For about a month now I've been experiencing problems of my pelvic region.

- Long trips on transport & University Lectures, in between I would get an urge to urinate.
In more detail for the first 2 weeks of this 'problem' the only occasions I've experienced this urgency are when I'm
on transport for more than 10 or so minutes, and University Lectures (which are 1 hour approximately each).
The degree of the urgency is about 9/10 to 10/10 but when I go to the toilet little comes out.
In normal circumstances the flow rate is fine as if it were affected by the problem.

I haven't been counting how many minutes it takes but the thought of this urgency is always present.
Firstly I would feel my thighs turn cold (cold to touch on clothing) and then sudden urgency would alert me.
I had thought 'Urinary Urge Anxiety' and may be a possibility but before I receive any therapy (namely hypnotherapy) I prefer to eliminate if any, medical possibilities.

In the second week of this problem I purchased a box of Ural - Effervescent Powder and hiprex tablets which I thought a normal case of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) was the case but after a week of it, no change even though Ural is suppose to relieve burning symptons of UTI it didn't help one bit nor did the hiprex tablets.

Having visited my local GP, a urine test was suggested and resulted in negative of any bacteria but prescribed me
a week's course of Amoxicillin and Clavulanic Acid tablets. Yes I'm aware there may be undetected bacteria lurking but after a week's course there was no noticeable changes of this problem.

Recently I have been beginning to feel changes of the problem itself or another problem but feel they are connected.
Sitting on any type of seat such as chairs, couches, etc after a bit of time about 5 minutes
My buttocks would first feel warm then gradually the bottom half of the thighs would get warm too, eventually abnormal heat (cannot describe that well but uncomfortable temperature as if they had a fever) would radiate onto the seat itself and would be really hot to touch. There are no signs of pain, nor sweating.

Now the above problem I feel somewhat affects/causes the urgency but I'm not too sure.
The same situations (bus and lectures), bus seat would get warm and the urgency there would be caught along with it, meaning the urgency is triggered.
To clarify I have not wet myself on the duration of this problem, it is just the feeling of needing to urinate which is followed by when I get the warm seat feeling. To emphasise, there is no pain at all or in any point of time throughout the duration of this problem.

Another GP visit was done recently, went bottom half naked and 'tested' my physical reflexes by knocking on parts of the legs and pressuring points to evaluate if there was any pain. Physical reflexes were normal, no pain associated when pressuring points.
Told me the symptoms I have been experiencing don't seem to fit any categories of medical nature.
A blood test was done after the visit and yet to hear of its results.

Having experienced this issue really has impacted on my life and also the way I thought of those whom also encountered this problem which is extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing.

In summary:
1-2 weeks: 10-15 minutes into lectures or transport, cold thighs followed by urinary urgency.
2 weeks - current : 5-10 minutes hot seat, buttocks burning/hot feeling (no pain), urinary urgency.

Willing to do anything to resolve this issue.
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