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Calcification forms on bladder wall

I am a 58 yr old healthy female. I have had 5 bladder surgeries over the past year.  The last 3 surgeries have all been completed to remove calcification that forms on the bladder wall.

Brief history: A year ago I was diagnosed with a kidney stone that had to be removed through ureteroscopy.  The procedure was unsuccessful because the doctor perforated my ureter and then my bladder. (It turns out there was no kidney stone but that's for a different time.)

I had a different doctor repair my bladder. The tear was under 2cm and was located on the extraperitoneal bladder dome.  Three months later I was still experiencing problems from the bladder repair surgery and went in for a cystoscope which revealed a small bladder calcified stone that was attached to the bladder rupture repair site.  The stone was removed in outpatient surgery.

Approximately two months later I was walking on the treadmill and experienced bleeding. Another scope revealed another calcified mass. I had been taking potassium citrate pills but the calcification came back.

I went to yet another doctor who told me the only way to get rid of the calcification was to remove all the white  calcified material.  This doctor cut out the calcification including the roots.  He cut out as much as possible without injuring the bladder wall. One month later I resumed exercising and started to bleed. I believe uric acid formed on the injury site which produced the calcification.  

I just had laparoscopic surgery from the same surgeon. The doctor had to cut out the area of my bladder tissue that was not  healing correctly. Also, I found out that my bladder had been adhered to the pelvic bone and abdominal wall. There was a mucous film and it was inflamed.

I drink plenty of water and am going to be very careful with exercise. I wanted to post this issue as I know my case is rare. I can't imagine going through a 6th surgery. I am curious if anyone has experienced this issue.
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