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Calcium-Oxalate Crystals in Urine???

  I am 25 years old and what appears have suffered another passing of a stone....IVP was negative.....i was woken up by horrible spams to my right flank area with no radiation....very strong intermittent spasms which lasted about 1 hour.....after the spasms no residual effects for about 2-3 days.....urinalysis showed RBC>200 under microscope with 3+ blood on dipstick...now, one week later, it seems i have a urinary tract infection...being i am 25 and a young man, isnt this unusual??  Or possibly i could have damaged the ureter from a jagged edge of a stone when it passed??  Would that attribute to all the RBC in urine....Is it common to suffer post-renal stone UTI's??  In men? Also, being that calcium oxalate crystals were found in my urine under high-power microscope, do you think that i actually passed a stone and that i am prone to these type stones??  Thanks for your professional advice.......
Dear Troy,
From what you are saying, I am assuming that you have a history of passing kidney stones.  Once you have developed (or passed) one kidney stone, you will have an approximately 50% increased risk of developing another kidney stone. After developing a second stone, the risk for development of a third stone increases to approximately 85%, and on and on.  Calcium oxalate crystals will usually be found in the urine of individuals who are
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