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Can I masturebate after orchiopexy

I had an orchiopexy done last Wednesday on both of my testicles to have them secured. I had the surgery because I had an intermittent torsion on my right testicle. It’s been about a week and a half and I want to know if I’m able to masturebate. Are they’re any consequences for doing so? I’ve just heard that it’s best to wait but what can actually happen if I don’t?
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This is a question you should ask your doctor. Your doctor knows the extent of the surgery done, and how long you should wait.

I couldn't find anything specific to an orciopexy, but generally speaking, doing too much too soon, could strain the incision line or stitches, if they haven't dissolved yet, or it could just hurt.

Give your doctor a call or wait until your follow up appointment and ask then. And don't be afraid to ask - your doctor masturbates, too.
Excellent advice, auntiejessi- we hear all the time that masturbation is totally normal & almost all people do it, but we tend to forget that Dr’s are people too, therefore, they’re really no different than the rest of us, so if most of us do, then almost all of them do as as well, whether male or female. As much as we all know this is totally normal, there’s still a little bit of a ‘stigma’ attached to it  - or at least to talking about it - & that’s smthg that prbly needs to change. Thx for that great insight - knowing that should make it a little easier to talk about with our medical professionals...
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