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Can UTI Lead to Overactive Bladder?

At the end of October/beginning of November 2008 I was suddenly struck with an uncontrollable urge to constantly urinate.  I also started suffering from excruciating back pain, chills, high fever, sweats, nausea, and vomiting.  These symptoms hit me very quickly (it almost seemed to be from one day to the next) and I immediately went to my general practitioner who performed a “clean catch midstream" urinalysis, which did confirm the presence of bacteria.  I was prescribed 10 days worth of Bactrim and 4 days of Phenazopyridine to alleviate the burning sensation/pain during urination.  At the end of this treatment cycle I had still not noticed any relief whatsoever from any of my symptoms.  I was referred to a urologist.

At my urological visit a second “clean catch midstream” urinalysis was performed which again confirmed the presence of bacteria.  I was prescribed 10 days of Cyproflaxin hydrochloride which alleviated the back pain, chills, high fever, sweats, nausea and vomiting.  My urge to urinate has also somewhat alleviated (it is not approximately once every hour or hour and a half as opposed to every 20 minutes.)  My urologist also scheduled a follow up appointment for 3 weeks later.

At this time all of my other symptoms had been alleviated; however, I still had constant, strong urges to urinate.  I luckily had never had an accidental release of urine; however, I purchased and used incontinence pads to go to work and while out in public.  This constant urge and fear of having a urine leakage accident had gotten to the point where I was scared to leave my house except to go to work and maybe a quick sprint through the grocery store (which luckily I drive right past on my way to and from work) to pick up essentials.  Even at work I am constantly running to the bathroom approximately every hour for fear I will not be able to hold my urine and suffer an accident.

At my follow up visit with the urologist a Cystoscopy was performed (which was excruciatingly painful) which did not reveal any abnormalities in my urethra or bladder (no stones, urethritis, etc.)  My urologist suggested that perhaps my severe UTI/Kidney Infection triggered overactive bladder symptoms and prescribed me three weeks of Detrol LA to determine if that would alleviate my symptoms.  I have only been on the Detrol for 2 days so far and am waiting to see if it will offer some relief.  The other only medication I have ever taken is 500 mg of Metformin once a day in the evening to control my body’s overproduction of insulin.  I am currently 30 years old, am still a virgin and in otherwise good health.  

Could the kidney/uti infection I originally had back in November have caused all of these issues and be the cause to my overactive bladder issues now?  I am at a loss and don’t know what could be the cause of this insistent urge to constantly urinate and am looking for any answers or other possible causes to explore with my urologist.  
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I have had many UTI and kidney infections. Every time that I came down with one it also came with the urgency and frequency to urinate. I ended up having to be hospitalized at least 4 times a year.

After having had a urodynamics exam it was determined that I have a neurogenic bladder. I started using intermittant self cath at about 1996.

For the times that I do have some control over my bladder I have been put on both Flomax and Detrol LA. The Detrol LA helps for the bladder cramping or over active bladder. I also use Buscopan when the cramping gets back.

Perhaps you could discus this with your doctor to see if Detrol LA or Buscopan might be of benfit for you.

God Bless,

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