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Can a stone in still in the kidney cause pain?

I've had pain in my left side and back (in the kidney area) for 6 months now.  I've had CT scans, blood work, and an IVP and we've only come up with a 5mm nonobstructive stone in my left kidney.  Both Urologists that I've seen said they don't think this is what's causing the pain...but I do.  I also had a recurring UTI over the summer and I've never had one before.  I'm 10 wks pregnant right now and not knowing what this pain is has been making me crazy.
Is it possible for a stone still in the kidney to cause pain?
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   How are you? Kidney stones can cause pain if they are obstructing the tract, leading to muscle spasm and pain. In your case I think the stone could be mobile and in episodes it might be causing pain due to obstruction. Usually stones less than 4mm pass out spontaneously. Stones of bigger size need intervention as they could be symptomatic, like in your case.
Also do you experience any abdominal distension, vomiting, nausea,fever and chills, burning sensation while passing urine etc? Take another opinion of a urologist and consider surgical management.
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Thanks.  I was nauseous on and off since June when this pain started.  I still am occasionally but now that I'm pregnant I'm not sure if it's from that.  I also get chills a lot...not so much of the other stuff.  
The last Urologist I saw is sending me for an ultrasound to see where the stone is at now but he said he shouldn't have to see me again until I have the baby (that's 7 months from now) and then he'll break it up.  I'm in pain and I'm afraid of this stone causing pregnancy complications.
Can any procedure be done on a pregnant person?
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   Thanks for writing in. Symptoms like nausea and chills are suggestive of UTI. But as of now that you are pregnant nausea could be due to the presence of HCG in the blood. I would also suggest to take a ultrasound and see where the stone is located.

Proceedures in pregnant women can be done in the 1st trimester and after delivery, but only if they have a clear indication. In your case, as of now you do not have UTI's or deprived renal function so managing with optimal analgesics would be prefferable.Also get renal function tests done. If they are grossly derranged then surgery would be required.
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