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Can a suspensory ligament injury cause erectile dysfonction?

Hello, I am almost 30 and i've been dealing with erectile dysfunction since almost 8 years, my problem is as follow:
I did some exercice for the penis and since, it is loose ( longer in flaccid state ) and my erection are like 60% and very hard to keep it,
I saw a lot a doctors in France who told me that it was indeed physical but didnt know where the problem came from however I saw dr.Ralph in London who diagnosed a suspensory ligament "overstretched" and advice me to do a suspensory ligament repair surgery.
The problem is that all the doctor in France told me that the suspensory ligament dont play a part in the quality of erections only the angle.
So I am puzzled, what should i do? should I do the suspensory ligament injury? Do the suspensory ligament play a part in the quality of erection? Please help, the surgery is quite expensive (over 3 thousands £) and I dont think the social security will cover it.
Please help I want to get married and have kids and this is very problematic for me.
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If the doctors in France said that it wasn't the ligament, what did they say it was?

I found these -



It seems to suggest that a certain type of ED is caused by the suspensory ligament injury, but I'm certainly no expert. It seems like people with this can become erect, but it hangs, and doesn't point up. That's my interpretation, anyway.

Do you live in London or France? If you live in London, I'd definitely get another opinion before getting surgery, and find out if surgery will be covered before agreeing to it.

Have you had any imaging done, like an ultrasound? I'd make sure that was done, too.

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So my erection angle is less than before I did the exercices plus before it was strong and hard to put it down since the "injury" it isnt strong and steady anymore.

I live in France that is why i dont think the social security will cover it

Yes i know about one of the ressources you sent me (lybrate), the other i didnt know about so thanks but it says that they had 80% erection and I am more 60 -70% so it does tell that maybe it is not the suspensory ligament..

Also yes I had echodoppler ultrasound done where they inject you with something supposed to make you very hard very quick and that is how they diagnosed the erectile dysfunction here is the test it is in French but i made a quick translation :


Informations :
Erectile dysfunction without traumatic notion.
Young patient.

Results :
The echographic test made today doesn't show any morphologic penile, cavernous, or spongious anomaly.
On the pharmaco-doppler point, the injection of edex is made inside the right corpous cavernous after an antiseptic application, under echodoppler control.

This injection has occasioned, an erection of a very poor quality " on the l side on the clinical plan ".
Regarding of the velocimetric plan, we notice a satisfying raises of the arterial systolic speeds, between 25 and 40cm per second.
On the other hand the decrease of the inter-diastolic speeds don't happen niether at 15 mins nor at 25 mins, with arterial diastolics speeds estimated between 8 and 12 cm/sec, signing the existing of a frank venous leak.

At 25 min the traces remain the same to those obtained at 15 mins.
No preapism at the end of the test.

No lack of arterial contribution.
An obviously venous leak at all the time of the pharmaco-doppler made today.
Erection of a very low quality on clinical plan after the injection of 20ml of Edex."

I saw Dr.Faix today who thinks that the suspensory ligament tear cannot cause an erectile dysfunction and he wants me to consult a french urologist,        
Dr. Sarramon in toulouse who is a specialist of venous leak, he talked to me about a venous ligation surgery.
But I think that the venous leak happens progressively (because of diabetes, high bloodpressure, old age..etc)
and I know that my problems started suddenly the day after the suspensory ligament tear.
Thanks for giving me your opinion and advising me.

Anyway thanks for you answer and concerns I appreciate really
I'm going to get this moved to our Urology forum, and perhaps someone with experience with this will answer. I wish you the best.
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