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Can excessive alcohol consumption cause stinging urination?

Hi all,

I'm a 36 year old male and I've been drinking almost daily since about 21 years old.
On and off (for many years) I have stinging urination and my urethra looks inflamed. Sometimes if a drip of urine has gotten onto my scrotum that can also look like this.
I drink lots of beer a night, usually 4 to 5 large stella artois cans and occasionally I share a bottle of wine with my girlfriend.
Often in the morning my urine is dark in colour and I know I'm dehydrated. I don't always have stinging though, this tends to come and go.
However at the moment it does sting after I pee, not badly but it's there afterwards. I've been avoiding coffee too because that seemed to make it worse.
I have been getting dizzy and coupled with this sting I thought it was time i went to the doctors.
I also checked my urine prior to that and found that when i was very dehydrated one there were bits floating in it. It looked like dead cells or something.
The nurse there tested my blood and took a urine sample. She said "there's nothing in that".
The bloods came back as a severe vitamin d deficiency. I don't know if that is related at all? I do feel generally run down and have random aches which sounds to be related to this.

So my question is, can that much alcohol cause irritation which presents like this?

There is no discharge at all. About 1.5 years ago i had protected vaginal sex with someone other than my girlfriend. This lasted about 20 seconds before the guilt overcame me.

I have had chlamydia before and that pain never went away. This comes and goes depending on how much fluids i drink.

My anxiety is leading me to believe it's that encounter all that time ago that's doing this. I can't even look at my girlfriend sometimes.

Do you think this is an STI or am i being a fool to myself with all this alcohol (I'm trying to cut down but it's hard)
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