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Can i get Hydroceles from acquiring STDs?

I acquired Gone rhea during military   And was treated for it. Yet after the treatment I still had a puss flow from my penis. The nurse said it isn’t a STD. I got massive Hydroceles and they interfered with my life even 30 years later they are now so big I cannot sit. The doctors said it from old age and being over weight. That it’s impossible to get hydroceles from STDs.
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Most of the time, hydroceles in adult men are caused by injury.


They can also be linked to having a hydrocele at birth, which isn't unusual - https://www.healthline.com/health/hydrocele

They are not caused by an STD.

Since you seem to be suffering, have they talked about surgery? Also, they typically resolve themselves in about 6 months. Perhaps it's time for a second opinion.
I researched thru medscape and it does cause injury to testicles both chlamydia and gonorrhea. Can a does cause hydroceles due to infections in the urethra walls and epididymitis leading to a weakness in the tube to the testis.
Well, no matter what caused them, assuming you are testing negative for gonorrhea today, you still have them. You may never know what caused them, and does it matter now? You've had them for a long time. How are they being treated?
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