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Can poor chemistry in relationship lead to low testosterone?

I am male and in a relationship with a woman that provides a nice companionship, but it has never been very sexually charged.  I have been in this relationship for 3 years, but I have never had major sexual urges for the woman that I am with.  Prior to this relationship, I had a rather high sex drive.  Recently, I was diagnosed with low testosterone (Total and Free = 289 with range 250-1100 and % free testosterone = 1.35 with range 1.5 - 2.2).  I realize that low testosterone can play a factor in decreased sexual urges or libido, but can the converse be true?  That is, can a dull relationship (sexually speaking) actually cause your testosterone to diminish?

Thank you!
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By the way, I am 33 years old and otherwise in good health.  I am treated for mild hypothyroidism.
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It is unlikely that a relationship which is other wise healthy and only lacks in sexual realtionships, would lead to a decrease in testesterone. I would ascribe this to the opposite nad would rather say that the low testesterone and hypothyroidism could be reponsible for this condition.

You may have to get this sorted from your doctor and get expert advise.

Let me know if you may need any more help.
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