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Cancer or What?

Here are what the MRI I have had done stated,  some feedback would be appreciated.

Here is what the MRI Findings stated.

"There is a 5.8 cm mass extending posterior aspect of the left kidney with a 1.3 cm thick wall that is enhancing with a liquefied center.  The inner aspect of the thickened wall is rather nodular and irregular in appearance.  Remainder of left kidney is unremarkable,  right kidney is unremarkable. "

Here is what the MRI Impression stated.

"A 5.8 cm mass extending posterior aspect of the left kidney, most consistent with carcinoma with central necrosis; less likely possibly a renal abscess although would expect surrounding secondary fat changes and there would be clinical correlation for abscess if this was the case."  

What is most likely?

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A carcinoma. Your doctor schedule a biopsy yet? central necrosis means its not getting blood to the center, which can release poisons into your system.

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In medicine, carcinoma is any cancer that arises from epithelial cells. It is malignant by definition: carcinomas invade surrounding tissues and organs, and may spread to lymph nodes and distal sites (metastasis). Carcinoma in situ (CIS) is a pre-malignant condition, in which cytological signs of malignancy are present, but there is no histological evidence of invasion through the epithelial basement membrane.
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