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Cannot empty bladder properly

Hello, i've had bladder problems for some years on and off, but they usually clear themselves, however for the last 13 months, i have had problems emptying the bladder completey,plus there is always blood in my urine 9 out of ten times it's tested.

i' ve been for the usual tests...cystoscopi, kidney scan, blood tests and so on but nothing found, however there is a small lump just inside the urethra, that is visible and looks like a pile or similar.i can no longer where anything that touches this area and have to wear a pantie liner to stop underwear rubbing it.

i told my doctor who examined me and she said she thought it was a small cancer, sent me to the cancer clinic which was where the cystoscopi was performed showing nothing.My daughter is a nurse and said because it is on the opening to the bladder it could quite easily have been missed.This was mentioned to my doctor who agreed.

Several months on, i am home with yet another inflammed bladder but not showing in the urine, but same symtoms as cystitus, currently taking a second course of anti-biotics at double strength...when i metioned the fact of not enptying my bladder ,the doctor just said.....yes it is difficult and dismissed it.
The trouble now is the infection seems to go all over my body affectig my ears, balance, coordination etc.

Can an infection if severe do this, can you give some advice? i would be so greatful, i'm at the end of my tether.

mant thanks
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