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Can't empty bladder


This is my predicament. Last week I had pretty bad constipation. Fri. evening I took a stool softener with stimulant. This made me feel pretty bad all weekend long and I was still kind of constipated. I went out and bought some chili with beans and some apples on Sunday. Drank about 4 glasses of water in about a 6 hour time span. The urine problem occured almost immediately after I ate the Chili and an apple. I started urinating like crazy, full strong streams EVERY 5 MINUTES! Didn't get a wink of sleep all night long. On Monday it lind of subsided but now it was not a steady stream anymore but hesitant, like a needed to force it to start, peed a bit and then needed to force start again, never with a feeling that my bladder was empty. Again no sleep all night. On tuesday I went to see my GP, took some urine tests and everything came up negative. Surprisingly, I started to feel better that day and evening into the the next day. On Thursday I was back to myself again peeing normally and thinkig "Thank god this is over with. Well things were great till last night, just before I went to bed. I was able to urinate but never enough to empty my bladder (maybe 80% empty). Simply can't release the rest of it. Today I'm still in the same position, barely emptying my bladder and feeling just awful. Dread the thought of going to bed only to get up every 10 minutes trying to finish emptying my bladder. This is nuts. I was urinating perfectly untill I had that darn Chili and Apple.

I have no idea what's going on or what caused this but it happened so fast and furious and I simply can't get back to my old self. My bladder feels completely worn out!

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