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Can’t feel when bladder is full

I peed the bed and realized I hadn’t peed in 12 hours. I have zero feeling of a full bladder. Early yesterday morning I had sex with my husband. We haven’t had sex in months because he’s a sex addict and keeps cheating on me. Last week he had sex with 2 prostitutes without a condom. We sleep in separate rooms and avoid having sex because I worry about STDs. The sex wasn’t very rough, I didn’t have pain, but his penis is very big. Since then I have had zero “have to pee” feeling. At about 2pm I used the bathroom because I had to poop. I realized that I hadn’t been to the bathroom in a long time and thought that was weird. I can’t remember going to the bathroom at all after that. I fell asleep and then at 2am I woke up peeing the bed. I ran to the bathroom, I couldn’t stop the steam. I peed so much, it felt like more than I’ve ever peed before. I cleaned up and went back to bed. When I woke up at 8am I did not feel like my bladder was full at all, zero urge to pee. I went to the bathroom anyway and there was a good amount. So my ability to hold my pee is fine. My ability to empty my bladder seem to be fine. I just can’t feel my bladder. I have no other symptoms except now my back aches a little. And a slight headache that started last night, which I sometimes get if I don’t drink enough water.

I am 34 yo, I have two children via c-section, I don’t take any medication, and I’m 100lbs overweight. I’m in otherwise good health, no diabeties or high blood pressure. My baby is 1 year old, I am no longer breastfeeding. I am on day 10 of my cycle. I have no history with neurological problems and I don’t think I’m having any neurological symptoms.
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This is new to you and very recent?  First, I think I'd get yourself on a schedule to go the bathroom whether you feel the urge or not just so you don't have accidents. Definitely before you go to bed and when you get up.  I looked up underactive bladder syndrome and it really doesn't seem to fit your symptoms.  That's more like urinary retention, not completely emptying the bladder, etc.  You just don't have the sensation telling you that you need to go. There is, however, something called neurogenic bladder. This is when the nerves have some kind of dysfunction and the communication that you have to pee gets disrupted. Here's an article on it: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/15133-neurogenic-bladder  While it doesn't easily fit your description, it has enough similarity that I think it warrants talking to your doctor about it.  Do you have insurance where you can get checked out?  I'd check for a UTI just in case as well but doubt that is going on.  I know you are probably working on your weight (aren't we all?) but that is probably important too for optimal health.  And your husband. That's a rough one.  You sound very patient.  Living with an addicted partner no matter the addiction is very challenging and a sex addiction is such that it really puts you at risk as well.  Is he seeking help for this?  I think your boundaries are important and your own care for self while you deal with this within your marriage.  Hats off to you for making it work and it must not be easy when you have little ones. Moms of one year olds are usually very tired.  How is everyone sleeping?
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Very helpful advice, GR.  Jsh, you definitely need to see a Dr. This sounds like some  type of nerve dysfunction to me, but you may need to see both a Urologist & Neurologist. Good luck to you & let us know if you get a correct diagnosis &  how you’re doing.
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