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Can't pull my penis' foreskin down the shaft.

I’m 18 years old and when I’m erect I can’t pull my foreskin down my shaft as it stops just past the head. If I try this non-erect my foreskin goes down my shaft but when it erects again, my shaft bulges out, as if my foreskin is too small.
What should I do?
Will this be a problem during sex or is this normal?
And I'm circumsized
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If you've been circumcised you don't have a foreskin, or if you do the circumcision was done incorrectly.
Yeah, this is a little confusing. There are cases of UN-circumcised males w/ a foreskin that won’t fully retract, but I don’t see how that’s possible if one were already circumcised. In any case, I think there’s a very simple procedure to snip the foreskin enough to allow it to retract.
Thanks for the answer.
Actually, it's not fully circumcised. It's half circumcised.
Circumcision was done when I was little so they only half circumcised the penis and I was thinking of a solution to this problem without doing circumcision again. Is there one?
I think as BonzoDog mentioned they can "nick" the foreskin to give it a looser fit and that should solve the problem.
I think there are methods out there to try to gradually stretch it out. It takes more attention and effort than an operation, but the outcomes are better. Sorry I don't have more info; mainly I'm posting to encourage you to seek out the alternatives to surgery, the gradual stretching. Because they are out there! Good luck!
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Stretching exercises just might solve your problem (search the internet for Manual Foreskin Stretching instructions), with or without applying Betamethasone to widen the opening.  But caution:  don't tug too hard at any time, and certainly not with B. , as it works by thinning the skin.  If your foreskin when retracted behind the glans is not restrictively,, uncomfortably tight, then there's no real problem with either masturbation or sex.  However, if in intercourse the foreskin opening slides back onto the shaft and causes a restrictive bulge, that's a serous problem that needs your doctor's attention.
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