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Catheter advice please

Hey all

I am a 32 year old relatively healthy male.
around 5 weeks ago I was admitted to hospital as I couldn't pass urine.
Doctors had 5 attempts to put a catheter in with difficulty due to a tight stricture I had developed.
finally after 2 hours, shedload of blood and excruciating pain, and the help of a guide wire, they were able to insert a 12mm catheter in.
Due to how busy the NHS is, I was only able to find a surgery  date 9 weeks after the catheter was inserted, isn't that too long?(surgery is a urethrotomy).
So this is where I need help:
Around 2 weeks ago I started experiencing the weird sensation of having the urge to pee even though the catheter is in, urine does gush out from around the catheter but it also gets drained into the drainage bag. is this normal? shouldn't the urine flow naturally into the bag without getting the urge to pee?
I have been taking buscopan and don't really get bladder pain (cramps), so I'm at a loss cause to why this is happening.
Also, I have really had enough of this catheter, I work in construction and go through a lot of pain sometimes in the heat, there's also been a few ocassions where it's come off and leaked in my trousers (the embarrassment of explaining this to builders).
basically, I really want to take it out, 2 weeks before my surgery, my brother is getting married and I don't want to be restricted by this.
Do you think that's okay? will it be okay? sorry if I sound naive and it's a silly questions but it's really stressing me up and putting a pause on my life.
all help is appreciated :)
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I wouldn't recommend removing the catheter unless you Dr. feels it's OK - if you develop any problem w/ urinating before the surgery, they'd have to re-catheterize you & given the problems you had the 1st time, that might not be too pleasant. I'm due to spend a week w/ a catheter in place myself following prostate cancer surgery, and from what I've heard & read, it's not unusual to feel like you have to pee even tho the catheter's in place. I think you should call your Dr & explain what's happening & ask his/her advice. Hope things work out OK for you...
Thanks Bonzo, I appreciate your response and hope it goes well for you too.
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