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Cause of penis shorting? How to reverse?

In the past year my erection has gone from just shy of 7 inches to 5.5" (I measured at the end of last year when sexting with an ex, and have then and now pic).  I know guys have a tendency to exaggerate penis size, but my measurements are honest and accurate.  I also had decrease in girth.  
I just got back from seeing a Urologist with diagnosis of Peyronie's.  It's fairly minor at this point so just waiting and seeing what happens.  I asked about the loss of length.  Doctor said it's common to have a little loss with Peyronie's but apparently didn't believe me when I told him I've lost well over an inch.  He said there's no way my Peyronie's would have caused anywhere near that much.  When I asked what else could cause it, he was very dismissive with a comment about age can cause it and "welcome to turning 40".  And finished with "there's you can do about it".  I don't believe that the year I turn 40 and lose nearly an 1.5 inches within 12 months is normal.  
I'm in decent health and not had any change in weight over the last few years and my t-levels are stable.
Please, is there any other explanation for this besides age?  And anyway to reverse it?  Not to mention stopping any further loss?  As maybe many guys can imagine, it's been an extreme hit to my self confidence.  I'm not trying to find a way to get a bigger penis, I just want the one I've always had up until the year back.
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Hmmm... altho it's true men tend to lose a little length w/ age, it seems very unusual to lose that much so quickly, and also, I don't think most guys notice any change by age 40, more likley late 50s or past 60. My first thought is, did you experience any type of injury to your penis? And since you mention Peyronie's (which is a bending when erect), that often results from injury, so the two could be related. Another question: Is the loss in size only when erect? Meaning, is the flaccid state any different than before? Also, are your erections as full & rigid as they were before this issue started? It's possible something happened (injury?) that decreased blood flow to the penis, so that the full erection is not as big as before & possibly less rigid. I think there's a slight possibility this could be reversed somewhat - maybe not back to where it was, but possibly regain some of the lost length. There are devices which reduce the bend in Peyronie's (they apply a continuous 'stretch' that both straightens & might slightly lengthen the erection). One thing you should know - if you're at 5.5" with reasonable girth, you're still about average. Altho it was previously said the average erection is about 6", that data was mostly self-reported & how guys 'measured' themselves wasn't consistent. More recent (and more accurate) measurements say it's closer to 5.5", so maybe you can take some comfort knowing at least you're not 'small'. Good luck, hope you find a solution for this...
Thanks for posting response BonzoDog.
I've had no injury, at least nothing I'm aware of .... and assume I would know if I injured it.
I haven't really noticed as much of a difference in size in flaccid state.  Maybe a little but
nothing significant.  I have noticed when flaccid the size can vary a lot.  I assume that's
normal.  I'm definitely a grower.  It can really be a little shrimp at times.
Erection seem as firm as before, probably firmer actually.  I figured it was due to the reduced size.  But it does have a tendency to not stay hard as long.
This happened gradually over several months that I didn't really notice because I wasn't
all that active.  I hooked up with an ex recently who pointed it out.  Before, my size was
"perfect" for them and hit the right spot, I guess.  Now, I couldn't hit it.  We were together
the fall of 2017, and then just within the 2 months.  Within that time, it had changed that
much ... we did measure.
As for my Peyronie's, it is so minor you wouldn't even know unless you saw it before.  The biggest change is basically a slight upward turn at the tip.  Which is why I think there's something else that happened or is going on.  
If the urologist I saw wasn't so dismissive and gave me a reasonable explanation, I might
be able to deal with it better.  Right now, I'm having a hard time accepting.  The episode with my ex has made me self conscious about it (they certainly didn't intend to).
Thanks for what you said regarding "average" size.  To me, I'm looking at it like someone who is 6'8'' that shrinks to 5'5'' in a year.  Nothing wrong with being 5'5'', but hard to accept losing the height.  At 6'8'' the dude is a great basketball player.  At 5'5'', can still be a good player, but there's obviously a huge difference.
I HATE going to the doctor, but will go when needed.  I just don't like going for it to be a
waste of time and leave without help or explanation.  I totally understand why men don't go .... especially over something so sensitive.  Letting a doctor fondle your bits it bad enough,  most guys aren't going to do it twice or more.
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