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Chronic Epididymitis and Balanitis after intercourse - 25 year old male

I have been suffering from chronic Epididymitis and Balanitis for the last 6 months after unprotected intercourse. I was tested negative for all STDs (gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, hiv, syphillis, and many more) and autoimmune disorders. Initially tested positive for Candida Albacins after noticing some red spots on the penis glans. Went through a series of antifungal creams (because it kept coming back) until it finally disappeared without recurrence. However, I still still a red/inflamed meatus and mushy scrotum and foreskin (I am uncircumsized). In all of this, my scrotum sags after every urination and my spermatic cord/epididymis starts to hurt (this is also  amplified when I have an erection or ejaculate). Usually when I wake up, everything is fine (meatus is less inflamed, and scrotum is normal and firm).

I went through a series of medications with multiple primary care physicians and urologists. Antibiotics (10 days of Doxycycline, 1 month of Clarithromycin/Amoxicillin). 2 weeks of Flucanozole, 1 month of Lamusil Antifungal cream on penis glans. 1 week of Nystatin. On and off with anti-inflammatories.

Diagnosis done:
Ultrasounds (small bilateral 4mm spermatoceles),
CT scan (nothing found),
4 urine analysis (nothing found),
STDs (nothing found),

They thought it was either yeast infection, prostatitis, urethritis, dysuria, or STDs but none of the medication helped

What is currently persistent and the most bothersome is the testicular/epididymal pain (right testicle). I have to ice it every night (been doing for past two months) to reduce inflammation and pain which also spreads to the base of penis, pelvic bone, and groin area.

Anybody have a clue on what this is? Could all this be candida? This has become a very big problem in my life and is constantly stressing me out. One of my doctors almost even started me on anti-anxiety but I am not the type to have ever been in depression or stress. I am always eating healthy and keeping fitness. Was usually an active and sporty person before all of this but I can't even do strenuous activity anymore otherwise it starts to hurt.

Please help me somebody. I just don't know what to do anymore.
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I am not sure what it might be but I have somewhat similar symptoms. I have pain in the right testicle..small Hydrocele found.  But the worst of my pain is the glans penis.  It seems sore and swollen but no redness... it just looks bigger than it used..   May be there is stricture in the penal shaft that make the glans appear bigger.. My scrotum  also appears saggy after urination but puffs up if I don't go right away which causes pain in my testicles.  They have misdiagnosed me for epididymitis-ochitis, prostatitis, and UTI even though al tests like PSA, URINE, URINE CULTURE, Tesicular Ultrasound came back normal.  I also don't have any STI... the anxiety and the stress is ruining my life. Urologist was dismissive which made me even more depressed.
I understand exactly what you mean. Have the symptoms reduced for you yet? Mine are still the same and it's been almost another month since I posted. Not sure what to do anymore. I might see a neurologist hoping to see if there is any nerve damage. Please let me know if you have any luck. Feel better
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Can anyone help me? I'm still suffering
Hi - have you found relief since posting this? I am experiencing the exact same issues/symptoms as you've described above. Its been 2.5 months since this started and I am still having pain in my testicles. One thing I have noticed is alcohol, coffee, and breads have exacerbated my symptoms.

Moreover, my doc prescribed me Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) for 1 month and it seems to be helping, though the testicular pain is somewhat persistent.
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