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Chronic Pelvic Pain

Hi, I’m really at a loss and struggling with my CPPS symptoms, i have pain during sex so I’ve stopped, always feeling tired and irritable, muscle aches and stiff Neck, pain at tip of penis and lower back.
I’ve been on antibiotics for 3 months and during that time things seemed better, it’s now been three months off them and my life is a misery again, I dunno if I should start them again or try another type, I was on Tamsulosin, Doxycycline and Ciproflaxcin.
Been tested numerous times for any Std and my Bloods and urine samples, semen culture all normal.
Just dunno what to do, I’ve been close to the edge with this debilitating condition and doctors just bounce me to other doctors.
Life is just doesn’t feel like it’s worth living with this constant feeling of Malaise and constant feeling of being unwell.
Also developed I strange vein thrombosis on my Penis and I have got LPR reflux, doctors keep putting it down to anxiety and stress but I can’t believe it, I’ve had some swollen lymph nodes during the period but they go down.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Guys just an update it’s been 7 months now and I begged the urologist to do a prostate massage, they have found a (staphylococcus) and enterococcus infection.
They giving me Antibiotics
Crazy it has taken so long to find out, been the worst period of my life we’re I was suicidal.
I hope the amoxicillin does the trick and clears it.
Thx again
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Wow 7 months later smh.
I’ve been on ciprofloxacin coming up on 6 weeks now having major pelvic pain and prostate is very inflamed.
No bacteria showed up still even after sensitive dna bacteria testing after he gave me a prostate massage.
I think me being on antibiotics has something to do with nothing coming back with testing also.
He gave me a prescription called uribel which is used to block the pain from a urinary tract infection and it definitely helps but it’s just masking the main problem.
Are you seeing improvement with the amoxicillin?!
Definitely wanting to know if the amoxicillin is helping.
My prostatitis pain and symptoms are is not solved.
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This sounds like my exact symptoms.
Been dealing with this for 8 weeks post risky sexual incident.
Female told me she just went to the clinic and had bacterial infection and all std tests are clear.
My std/hiv tests are clear and urine also.
My stomach is always upset no matter what I eat and any ejaculation makes symptoms worse not long after.
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Hey Bro
Yes 6 months down the line and still having same trouble, did another set of tests and all clear.
Urologist has recommended shock treatment to the prostate, I think he just trying to make money off me.
Dunno what to do
Wtf smh
I started on ciprofloxacin just about approaching two weeks on it and feel like my symptoms are being controlled by it but not healed.
It started for me 6 days after unprotected sex with a female.
Clear discharge, abdominal pain and frequent urination like crazy with upset stomach and diarrhea. Also had
upper thigh cramps/muscle pain and weakness couldn’t even walk when at its worse.

Been tested for hiv 3 times and stds all clear and discharge tested but nothing is coming back.
Have taken doxycycline, metronidazole, azithromycin nothing has worked to fully cure.
At this point I’m thinking it’s bacterial prostatitis I got in touch w the female she said she had a bacterial infection and all her panels were clean.
Called the Dr otp to confirm.
But if this month long ciprofloxacin doesn’t knock this out for good idk wtf I’m going to do.
Go to another urologist bro
I’m about to hit up a different one even though I’m taking this ciprofloxacin.
My penis and scrotum is constantly red/inflamed sitting or standing for too long flares things up.
These are signs of prostate infection and yours seems like it as well.
This **** sucks!!!!
Thx mate, they say mine is Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, another name for chronic Prostatis that they cannot find bacteria.
Mine to started after a handjob where I immediately felt pain after.
I’ve tested 17 times for hiv and other std’s in 6 months, spent thousands trying to find out the cause.
Been ready to chuck the towel in a few times and it’s only my kids that make me want to come through this.
I dunno what the heck I did at the handjob did she injure me or was it somthing I was carrying before that only manifested then.
I’ve only ever slept with my wife so all the Dr and experts say it can’t be a STD.
Not sure how much more I can take, seen three urologists and done loads of antibiotics, nitrofuriteen, doxycycline and Ciproflaxcin.
Ciproflaxcin messed me up the most, stomach problems and oral thrush, still have it.
Don’t give up bro I know how this takes a toll on you as a man and trust me I know it’s hard!
I also take herbs such as sea moss, elderberry, maca pills and ashwagandha.
Since I am on these heavy antibiotics I dnt want to mix anything with it.
I would recommend anything at this point I’ve tried “health king” prostate health herbal tea you can order online comes in a small green box with Chinese writing.
Have you tested for herpes also?
Yeah I think it would be included in the test they ran, do you think the herpes virus would manifest this way, I thought it only gave you mouth sores.
I’ve also developed this hard clear vein on my man thingy, they call it Penile Mordor disease,  dunno if it’s related the docs say not.
All seems one hell of a coincidence, I’m really at the end, so scared and paranoid.
Just want to know that it’s nothing I can pass in to the Mrs.
I’m not sure if it can give off those symptoms.
I know I have lost 15-20lbs in about 10 weeks I believe that is the only std test I didn’t have done but don’t have any lesions or open sores.
How long were you on the ciprofloxacin?
6 weeks in total.
And tamsoulisin for the urinal frequency.
Did the ciprofloxacin help you at all?!
Yes a little, but after I stopped I developed reflux and oral thrush.
Life is still ****, im happy to try another load of antibiotics but they don’t want to give me, I’ve no idea what to do anymore.
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3 months on antibiotics might just be worse than your original problem, as that long of an antibiotic program may have severely damaged your digestive and immune systems and even your mental state.  This may have been something you needed to do, but you do have to recover from that damage as well.  You might want to talk to someone about that, as this is natural medicine and your docs might not be all that clued in to this even they do know the damage antibiotics can cause.  What I'm saying is, some of this is the problem you originally went in for, but some of it may be anxiety but may also be caused by the treatment.  
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Yeah but my things down below really not improving, I’m in two minds to take another set of different antibiotics that may be able to treat any bacteria infection.
Saying that my urines and bloods are clear, really dunno what to do, feel like jumping off a bridge, it’s totally messed my life up.
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