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Chronic urinary tract/bladder infections for 2 years. HELP!
I got my first UTI when I was 17 and that was enough for me.  Unfortunately, I probably get approx. 2 to 3 "infections" a month.  I usually have a fever, chills, muscle and back pains, painful urination, constant urge to pee, burning, discomfort, "full bladder" feeling, and bladder sensitivity when pushed on.  I started getting them so frequently that my doctor referred me to a Urologist as a result of her concern for my health.  When I saw the Urologist, he completely down-played my problem. He blamed it on my age and the fact that I am a part of the majority of women he helps because I was in the age group of "high" sexual activity... He also told me that when he looked at my record, it showed that about half of the times I went to my Physician for a UTI, my tests came back negative for E. Coli.  He said all he could do was refer me to the hospital to get an ultra-sound, but lastly adding, "They will give you an ultra-sound, but I DOUBT they will find anything." Angry from the entire experience and the way I was treated, I threw the referral in the trash and gave up.  Ever since then, I still continue to get them constantly. What should I do? What is wrong with me?
I have a lot of questions and concerns... also A LOT of differing factors involved with my situation.
-I seem to get them when I drink coffee and soda (caffeine).
-I always pee after sex, but that doesn't always work.
-I get them even when I am NOT having sex, or haven't for weeks.
-If almost half of my tests came back negative for E. Coli, then why did I have all of the symptoms for a UTI and why did the antibiotic cure me?
-Sometimes, if i feel one coming on... or even when I KNOW I most likely will end up calling the doctor asap, if I just drink water, rest, endure the pain for as long as I can, and find other remedies to take away the pain, it will go away. Don't get me wrong, the discomfort never goes away but it goes away enough for me to feel ok enough to WALK and not cry for days.
-If I don't drink strictly water, my urine is hot and urinating is painful. Even if I drink water all day and have maybe a half of a soda, I feel discomfort.
-Even when I drink nothing but water, I still feel discomfort at times.
-I use nothing but non-scented, hypoallergenic soap and "wipe" front to back, and pee after sex... I still seem to get them.
-Sometimes I will get a yeast infection when I am experiencing my bladder/UT discomfort.
-I have a very weak bladder.
-What puzzles me the most is the fact that they come and go as they please.  Considering it's most likely an infection, it doesn't make sense that sometimes I can cure myself without an antibiotic.  Bacteria doesn't just decrease once you have it in your bladder or urinary tract. If anything, it multiples... so that is what makes me think it is something else.

I am just scared it is more serious than a uti. I don't want it to be bladder cancer or anything like that.
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