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Clear discharge after urination

  Last week I began experiencing a clear discharge immediately
  following urination.  I would feel a mass work it's way down
  the urethra as soon as I finished urinating and a clear gel-like
  substance would dribble out.  within the last two days a new
  symptom has arisen.  It feels almost as though there is something
  near the tip of my penis in the uretha.  This feeling is
  accompanied by a sensation that if I relax the tip of my penis I
  will "leak".  The tip, where I feel this blockage is cold to the
  touch and sensitive to being squeazed.  Any help you could offer
  or information you can give me regarding this would be much
  appreciated.  Thankyou.
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Sorry about the previous incomplete post
Dear Joe,
A clear discharge from the urethra may be caused by prostatic secretions after straining, urethral gland secretions during sexual excitement, or infections.  Infections include Chlamydia urethritis that is not uncommon in sexually active individuals.  Prostatic or urethral gland secretions are harmless.  Also note that after urinating a small amount (a few cc's) of urine drips out of the urethra from areas of the urethra beyond the sphincter (muscle that closes off the tube when not urinating).
Your evaluation by a physician should include a history and physical examination as wellas a urinalysis.  If blood or signs of infection are identified in the urine, then appropriate cultures would be performed.  A visual inspection of the urethra with a cystoscope may also be indicated.
This information is provided for general medical information purposes only. Please consult  your physician for diagnostic and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition. More individualized care is available through our department at the Henry Ford Hospital  and its suburban locations (I-800-653-6568).
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