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Cloudy Urine, Phosphaturia question

Hello. I had a question. I recently started experiencing symptoms of Phosphaturia. At first the on/off cloudy urines scared me. Then I was reading up on it, and realized it happened more after I drank milk, or ate lots of cheese. Such as today, I had new england clam chowder, cheddar poppers, and mozzarella sticks, which produced a VERY cloudy urine. I tested it with some vinegar and the cloudiness disappeared! So it makes me feel somewhat better knowing it is Phosphaturia.

Now I know they say Phosphaturia is a benign, harmless condition. But does anyone know if there are any long term problems it can cause? Like Kidney problems, such as stones, or in many years, kidney failure? Does anyone know if i am losing calcium which could lead to bone problems as I age? Or is Phosphaturia really harmless? Thanks!
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You just had a diet with high calcium content and this may be evident in the postprandial (after meal) urine. Phosphaturia may be due to increased calcium phosphate levels in the urine. It may be an isolated case secondary to the intake of food containing high levels of calcium or it could be due to an underlying condition like calcium stones or a urinary tract infection.

I suggest that you have a urinalysis done to rule out any possible urinary tract stone and infections. A serum calcium and phosphate level as well as assessment of the parathyroid hormones may also be indicated. Parathyroid gland disorders may affect the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the body.As serum calcium levels increase,then serum phosphate level decreases as it is being excreted in the kidneys.

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Thank you for the follow up.

The condition has been going the past month to month and a half. No pain. When I wake up it is clear. Like I said, its really only after dairy and soy.
If it was stones, wouldnt I have some sort of pain? Or passed them in time? I am going to see my Dr, but for my mind until then, does this sound like a likely problem? Or could it very well be a harmless condition?

Also, I have been under ALOT of stress lately, I dont know if that could affect the issue.
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This may not necessarily be an urgent matter.As you have posted ,you usually note the symptoms only after ingestion of a particular diet. A consult with your physician will be able to help you exclude underlying conditions. A urinary tract stone may just be a possible consideration  but does not necesarily mean that this is present. Avoid taking food with high calcium content for the moment and observe the character of your urine.

Unnecessarily worrying about this may not really help.It is best to wait for your consultation. Phosphaturia may be an isolated benign case.It is best however to have this assessed first to ascertain that phosphaturia is indeed present.
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Thank you.

It was cloudy again last night after lots of cheese. Again, I did the vinegar test, and as soon as I dropped a bit of vinegar in, it made the urine crystal clear in a split second.

This has been going on for the past month and a half or 2 months. Id hope if it was a stone I would have had other symptoms by now. But the cloudy urine is the only symptom.

If it is just phosphates, could that actually cause a stone? Or is it just a possible symptom after a stone has formed? And if it is Phosphaturia, can that be harmless for a couple months? Or is it just harmless in the short term? I read an article on helium saying Phosphaturia is a harmless condition, thats why i ask.

I am calling my Dr. tomorrow to make an appointment.

Thanks again.
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Hi, What dit you doc say?

I'm having the same phosphoturia symptoms.
With vinegar it goes away immedially.

But still, I'm worried because I'm having it a lot.
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You may also find this article on Phosphaturia very helpful. It discusses some of the points mentioned here and some of the misdiagnosis as well as symptoms too:

I hope it is helpful.  Did you ever get your issue resolved?
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