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Cloudy urine in evenings only

28 male.

For the last few months I have been noticing that in the evenings my urine is cloudy. This is no matter how much water I have drank during the day, it's cloudy/murky.

I am experiencing no other symptoms.
I have been on meal replacement shakes 2 meals a day during the week for a few months that has a high protein, vit d and phosphorous content.

I have alerted my GP to this via email and was just hoping someone could tell me whether they think this is any reason for concern as it is beginning to cause me some anxiety. Any further information can be given if required.

Thankyou for any response
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It's probably your shakes, but it's worth getting checked out.


"Anyone who consumes high amounts of vitamin D or phosphorus may notice cloudy urine as their kidneys filter the excess phosphorus out of their body."

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Thankyou for your response.
I took a urine sample to my doctor yesterday and they did a dipstick test on it which was completely normal which has put my mind at ease. Going to stop the shakes for a week and see if it goes away.
I'm glad you went and got checked out. I hope it ends up just being the shakes. :)
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