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Cloudy urine with floating pieces

I have had cloudy urine for a long time. It is yellow but very cloudy and sometimes has a slight smell to it but not always. This has been on going for a long time several months maybe even a year.

I had caught my urine in a glass in order to take a home pregnancy test recently and with the glass being clear I noticed that there were floating particles of something in the urine sample. These particles seemed rather large in size. I am not sure if this may be just vaginal skin etc. I do have yeast infection at the moment due to taking some amoxocillin for a sinus infection that I had. If I had a UTI wouldn't the antibiotics clear up any UTI if that was the reason behind my cloudy urine?

I am concerned that this may be a serious condition concerning my immune system. I do have an abscessed tooth that I have not been able to take care of due to my lack of dental ins. I also have a small abscess under my right arm pit where my lymph nodes are located. I had seen my physician about the under arm lump and he said it is just an infection that occurs in some people and if it were to become red and painful he would give me some antibiotics when if flares up. Could these other infections in my body lead to the cloudy urine?
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