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Combination webbed, broken and trapped penis?

My penis is about 1.5" flacid and I can easily push it in flat with my pubic bone without pain (thus the trapped or hidden penis conclusion).  When erect, it gets up to about 5.0 to 5.5 inches.  When erect and I'm standing up, I can push it down and point it directly to the floor without pain.  If you can imagine a straw and bending it in half, that is how it feels to me.  When erect, I can feel down the shaft and just about where it goes into the pubic bone is where the "crack" or break is located.  While erect, I can feel the shaft going all of the way down to my anus.   If I measured from the tip to the point at which I feel it stop near my anus, it would be about 9 to 10 inches.  
Also, my scrotum may be providing a slight webbing to the shaft.  Based on my description, is it possible to have an operation and release the penis such that flacid it is longer and when erect, the full 9-10" is seen?  I'm in my early 30's and 6'8" tall so having a small penis really looks strange on such a large body.  It's been like this as far as I can remember.  I remember as a kid have a severe bicycle wreck hitting a telephone pole and my crotch was slammed against the handle bars.  I remember my crotch being sore for days.  This was at about 8 years of age and maybe this is when the break occured.  I have been too embarrased to go see a urologist; howevere, for my company physical, the doctor made no mention of the small guy.

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Penes occur in all sizes and certainly may appear particularly short if there is overhanging fat or a prominent fat pad over the pubis. Penile stretched length is measured by pushing a tape measure down to the bone at the base of the penis and stretching the penis out as much as possible. Measure to the tip. There are published normal length charts with which to compare your measurements.
As regards the portion of your penis that extends behind your scrotum, be aware that the penis is composed of two tubes (corpus cavernosum) that separate at the level of the pubic bone and continue to run back towards your rectum on either side. The lump that you feel in the mid-line is probably your corpus spongiosum which surrounds your urethra.
Penile lengthening surgery, as I understand it, give you 1-2 cm of additional apparent flaccid length without providing any increase in erect length.
Function and not size are usually the issue!
As regards the webbing, I'd have to see your anatomy to decide on it's existence and treatment. Certainly,  if you draw your scrotum onto the base of  the underside of your penis with an erection, there is the opportunity to do a scrotoplasty and allow your penis to protrude more obviously.
Hope this helps.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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