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Common parasites that may be expelled/found in human urine

What are a few common parasites/worms that give off a pink tint after a while, can be found in a human, and eventually expelled through urine? How easily can each be transmitted from person to person? ... My boyfriend has been peeing in a bottle for future pranks for some some ungodly reason and there seem to be worms growing in his bottles but no one else's. I'd really like to have an idea about what kind of parasites these are and if there's a good chance I have them too.
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I think that you should take one of these bottles to a medical (hospital) laboratory and have their contents cultured for bacteria, fungus and parasites. Otherwise we are just guessing that these are truly even from his urine and not something on his skin or from the bottles that he is using (sounds as though he is not the only one doing this). Sterilize a few bottles and have him urinate into one and then have that one tested.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.

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